Mediolanum, alarm by Ennio Doris on the assets –


“My opinion is that it would be one final economic condemnation for the country because it would completely take away trust. ” Ennio Doris he has no doubts about the risks of implementing an asset in our country, a statement made during the webinar “What Italy will be. Economy, Banks and Finance “, held yesterday.

According to the president of Banca Mediolanum, investors would tend to “run away and investments would not be made”. To solve the debt problem it is important to look at the American model, contrasting it with the European one. “In the United States, the Central Bank has decided to place liquidity on the market without restrictions, at the same time the government has implemented important measures.” So the solution to the problem seems to lie in the fiscal stimulation. “We have Europe that gives us 15 billion in flexibility, all fiscal stimuli in order to restart the economy. The countries that grow the most are those that implement this policy. The US vis-à-vis Europe has been growing for half a century because its tax burden is lower. ” points out.

An appeal in favor also of the banks, severely placed under observation after the statement by Giuseppe Conte inviting the banks to be more generous regarding loans. “Shooting on banks is like shooting on the red crossbut if there is this climate there is a reason. Any bank is looking forward to making secured loans, but there are many bureaucratic problems. It is easy to blame the bank, but keep in mind that the bureaucratic problem is not with the bank but with the body that gives the guarantee. ”

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