MediaWorld, Samsung Galaxy A10 drops: Unieuro ‘responds’


Following the discount on the 55-inch Sony TV, we return to talk about the well-known electronics chain MediaWorld and its discounts. In particular, this time to drop with the price is lo Samsung Galaxy A10 smartphone.

After the “war at the last discount” with Unieuro and Amazon for Galaxy A51, this time MediaWorld and Uniuero are “fighting” regarding the discounts related to Samsung Galaxy A10. The device is in fact sold at 129.99 euros on the official MediaWorld website (previously it cost 159.99 euros, therefore the saving is 30 euros).

However, Unieuro has “raised”, putting the smartphone for sale at 128 euros on its official website (the previous price is 159.90 euros, so the savings are 31.90 euros). Amazon instead remains a bit “detached”, given that the price is equal to 139.90 euros through resellers. The variant of the device involved is the 2 / 32GB one. In short, we are faced with another tough “fight” to those who make the highest discount: obviously the advantage is for customers, who can take home the devices involved at the lowest possible price.

Interesting little note: following our news on Samsung Galaxy A51 a few days ago, Unieuro further lowered the price by around 10 euros, bringing it to 279.90 euros.

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