Maxi brawl between students in Bari: an 18 year old and a minor stabbed. One subjected to Covid swab


A mega-fight between boys, many of them underage students, involved 21 people and left two injured on the ground. It happened on the evening of May 26 in the Libertà district, under the astonished eyes of some citizens, who could not do anything to stop the violence.The two people who ended up in hospital are an 18 year old reached by several stab wounds in the back, in non-vital parts of the body and admitted to the Polyclinic and a minor, with several injuries, who is under observation at John XXIII: he has a minor injury but , feverish was swab for Covid19 and admitted to observation. Also on other minors of the group were evident signs of the brawl that just happened, with bruises on the body, some in possession of objects capable of offending, including a knife and a baseball bat.
The investigations are entrusted to the police, who are investigating the position of 21 young people, many of whom are uncensored students. According to the first reconstruction, the quarrel between some boys (probably from different neighborhoods) had started in the afternoon and was linked to futile reasons.In the evening the two groups met in Piazza Risorgimento and blind violence broke out. The fight continued on Via Manzoni, in front of several citizens, who alerted the police. When the Flying and the Hawks arrived, the general stampede began. The injured 18-year-old was tracked down in Piazza Garibaldi and taken to the hospital, where his condition did not appear serious. 21 people have been identified, whose position is being examined by the investigators of the mobile team. The possibility that the fight was caused by a real punitive expedition, organized to avenge the affront suffered by someone in the afternoon, is evaluated.

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