Maturity 2020: the extraordinary session may be necessary


Students who must take the state exam may find themselves unable to participate in the exam test within the times set in the calendar prepared by the exam commission.

This impediment, determined by absence due to illness, which must be ascertained by means of a tax inspection, or by a serious and documented reason, recognized as such by the exam commission, therefore makes it impossible for the student to carry out the exam, both in the presence and in videoconference or other synchronous telematic mode, on the scheduled date.

In this case it is possible to postpone the examination test of the candidate temporarily unable to take it

Postponed exam: what possibilities for the student

The exam can be postponed in different ways according to the problems, more or less easily resolved, that interest the student.

1- Exam test within the deadline for closing the commission’s work

The exam can be taken after the date scheduled for the student, but within the closing date of the works, provided for in the calendar approved by the exam commission.

2- Exam test in extraordinary session

If it is absolutely not possible to take the exam within the deadline set by the timetable decided by the commission, candidates who are unable to participate in the exam on the scheduled date can request to take the exam in a special extraordinary session, requesting the President within the day following the absence.

The subcommittee, once decided on the applications, must communicate to the interested parties and to the competent USR. The Ministry, on the basis of the data provided by the competent USR, fixes, with a specific provision, the times and methods of carrying out the exams in the extraordinary session.

3- Exam test to be continued and completed

Another possibility of postponing the exam can be foreseen following the interruption of the exam once it has started, due to an impediment on the part of the candidate.

As clarified, in fact, art.21 paragraph 4 of the OM on the State Exam 2020, if during the examination, a candidate is unable to continue or complete the interview, the president, with his own resolution, establishes how the exam itself must continue or be completed, or if the candidate must be postponed to another date for the continuation or for the completion, according to the provisions of the two cases indicated above.

Maturity 2020, here is the definitive ordinance PREVIEW: commission meets on 15 June, absence of teachers, how the interview takes place

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