Maturity 2020, fragile worker teachers can participate in videoconferencing. Ministry clarifications


Maturity 2020: Ministry clarifications on “fragile workers” and their participation in the conduct of the 2019/20 school year exams.

With a note dated May 28, 2020, the Ministry affirms

The headteacher, based on the medical records produced by the interested parties, identifies the teachers which, as “fragile workers “, as identified in accordance with the paragraph “Specific measures for workers” of the Technical Document on the remodeling of containment measures in the school sector for the conduct of the state exam in secondary school “, must be able to use the method referred to in Article 26, paragraph 1, lett. c).

Identification of fragile workers

In these days the school managers are preparing the formalities through which teachers can declare their status as fragile workers.

This list must be sent to the President of the Commission.

These workers – as indicated in the note of 28 May, “must be able to use the method referred to in Article 26, paragraph 1, lett. c), that is

“In cases where one or more exam commissioners are unable to follow the work in attendance, including the exam test, as a result of specific health provisions related to the epidemiological emergency, the president arranges for the participation of the interested parties by videoconference or other synchronous telematic mode ”

The status of fragile worker

Who is the fragile worker?

In the agreement signed between the Ministry and trade unions, it is stated that the ministry undertakes to “give timely indications to the educational institutions and to the UUSSRRs for their respective competences, according to the provisions of the Technical and Scientific Document, on the methods of exemption from the examination in presence for all staff in a situation of fragility in relation to the possibility of contagion for fragile categories and with risk factors ”

In the technical document for carrying out the State Exams with reference to the adoption of specific measures for workers with a view to containing the contagion from SARS-CoV-2 and protecting “fragile” workers, it is stated that the one that will be activated the “exceptional health surveillance” contained in article 88 of the Relaunch Decree is called.

The article in question refers to workers “most exposed to the risk of contagion, due to age or risk condition deriving from immunosuppression, also from COVID-19 pathology, or from outcomes of oncological pathologies or from carrying out life-saving therapies or in any case from comorbidity which can characterize greater risk. ”

The identification of “fragile” workers may also be carried out by the general practitioner, if it is not possible to resort to the competent doctor or the ASL services.

The fragile worker does not necessarily have to present contingent symptoms but it is important that he protects himself because he may be more susceptible than other categories to Covid infection 19.

Maturity 2020, here is the definitive ordinance PREVIEW: commission meets on 15 June, absence of teachers, how the interview takes place

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