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Renato Farina

Let’s make two names of Sicilians. 1) Sergio Mattarella. 2) Luigi Patronaggio. Let us leave number one for a few minutes in peace on the highest hill, then we will ask him desperately. Let’s start with the second. The Battle of Lampedusa was fought in August 2018. He was the protagonist who ascended from provincial anonymity. His story was told by former great newspapers such as that of the little hero Davide-Patronaggio who with the slingshot tried to bring down the cruel Golia-Salvini, who held 190 unfortunate African prisoners off Lampedusa. It is the famous case of Eighteen. So the then Minister of the Interior risked a trial for very serious crimes, such as kidnapping and other horrors from ten years in prison. Forget this story. It is a sensational panzana. Now it turns out from the papers deposited by the prosecutors of Perugia, that history – beyond the certain intentions suffered by Luigi Patronaggio – was a trap hatched to tighten the trap at the ankles of the political enemy. The heads of the judiciary and its self-governing bodies used the periphery of Agrigento as a harpoon to spear their Moby Matteo Dick. Now the miserable plot can be reconstructed. Mattarella’s deputy at CSM, John Legnini of the Democratic Party, he pushed Luca Palamara, member of the CSM and former president of the National Magistrates Association (ANM, the only trade union of the category), to support private and public patronage. Which was still uncertain. Legnini moves Palamara. And he wrote to Patronaggio: “Dear Luigi, he will also call you Legnini, we are all with you”. It is August 24, 2018. The day after Patronage it is decided: he sends the warranty notice to Salvini. This time the matter is too big to liquefy it with small talk of convenience.

It is only the last given to us by the Trojan stuck in the cellphone of pm Palamara, which revealed the putrefaction of a world so far endowed with a complex of marble moral superiority. That morality has crumbled. That practice remains. This superiority persists. They have the immense power to take away freedom from people. It would not be a problem if this faculty inherent in the Courts were regulated only by laws and a sense of justice. Who believes you the most? down from the monument The toga has fallen down from the monument that the magistrates have made, revealing hairy legs and stomachs. Poor spiritual hygiene that reading the cascade of self-promotional messages is not the prerogative of just a few capatàz, concerns a clientele of small and large magistrates who are shamelessly available to sacrifice a sense of justice for their career. Other than putting in the hands of this caste of immaculate first communion (farewell) the torch of freedom and equity. The Patronage chapter is over.

Here we are with the first name evoked in this article: Mattarella. We ask ourselves: why is he silent while the Third Power has overwhelmed itself and is submerged in discredit? The President of the Republic is also the Head of the Judiciary and presides over its self-governing body. It does not have the power to dissolve the CSM, nor to start disciplinary actions. What can he do then? Keep quiet. But also to speak and even act. How? Obvious: the judicial function cannot be suspended in Italy. But be judged by a category where 6-7 percent (Nicola Gratteri) It is corrupt; and a good part of it modulates its activity in order to guarantee its career; all this is intolerable. Cancer of justice needs to be addressed: surgery, chemotherapy, prevention, everything. Mattarella can indicate the sense that justice must have (meaning and direction of a change). What are we witnessing today? It’s unbelievable but the judiciary claims to reform itself, like a murderer who claims to do the trial himself. And in what do you want to change? In the way of composing the CSM, in the election criteria of the same. That is to mix the cards among its members, without questioning the intimate structures of the guild. Yesterday the Minister of Justice, Alfonso Bonafede, brought together the sector managers of the majority. And his proposed reform is perfectly in line with his true protectors, namely the magistrates. What reform will ever be that of one who has given all power to the robes, thanks to the abrogation of the prescription and the enormous expansion of the possibility of interceptions? criteria for a reform This is where Mattarella should intervene. How do you accept all this? A reform of real justice can only foresee: 1 – separation of careers, 2 – civil liability as for any professional category, 3 – the end of the (fake) compulsory nature of the criminal action, which coincides with absolute political discretion, 4 – less pre-trial detention at discretion, 5 – criteria that regulate wiretapping so that they are less invasive than everyone’s life. This yes that would force, along with criteria for careers less left to clientelism, to another course of justice and therefore of our life. Mattarella in front of this frightening difference between the animation of the people and the pot holders of nose tobacco to treat cancer, which the Conte government wants to adopt, has a weapon, beyond the personal moral suasion that we are certain is exercising: a message to parliament on justice. He has such authority in Italy that they could not put it in the freezer.

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