Masses on live TV and social media on Sunday 31 May


Solemnity of Pentecost with a TV and social offer still full of Masses live from cathedrals, shrines and parishes throughout Italy. It is the second Sunday of Eucharistic liturgies with the people, but the reduced capacity of the churches and reasons for health or prudence do not allow everyone to participate in person again. So here is our usual guide, organized by schedule, to the celebrations reported by the dioceses and national broadcasters, presided largely by the bishops, with the Pope’s Mass at 10am. The first appointment in the morning is the direct from Lourdes provided by Tv2000. Warning: digital terrestrial TV broadcasters broadcast the signal at a territorial level, while direct streaming can be followed anywhere.

7 a.m.

The first Sunday Mass is broadcast on Tv2000 (channel 28) live from the Shrine of Lourdes. Celebrate father Nicola Ventriglia.

8.30 am

Tv2000 broadcasts the Mass from the Shrine of Pompei. Celebrate Don Andrea Fontanella. Streaming on the Sanctuary Facebook page.

9 a.m.

Live Mass from the Marian Shrine of Montenero, in the diocese of Livorno, celebrated by Father Luca Giustarini, on Granducato Tv and on the Facebook page of the Sanctuary of Montenero.

9.30 am

Live from the Duomo of Milan the Mass celebrated by the canons of the Cathedral. The Eucharist is broadcast on Chiesa Tv (channel 195), Radio Mater, streamed on the website and on the Chiesadimilano Youtube channel

The bishop of Mantova Marco Busca celebrates Mass in the seminary chapel with direct coverage of the diocese’s Yuotube canal and Telemantova.

10 a.m.

The Mass of Pope for Pentecost in San Pietro it is broadcast live by Raiuno, Tv2000 and Canale 5. Following the Regina Coeli.

The bishop of Acireale Antonino Raspanti, vice president of the CEI, celebrates Mass in San Mauro Abate in Acicastello. The live broadcast is on the Facebook page of the diocese and on Acicastello TV.

The archbishop of Trento Lauro Tisi continues Sunday celebrations in the Cathedral with live coverage on Telepace Trento and streaming on and

From Ravenna the Mass of Archbishop Lorenzo Ghizzoni celebrates Mass in the parish of San Biagio. Direct on the parish Youtube channel (San Biagio Ravenna).

TO Brescia The Mass in the Cathedral presided over by Bishop Pierantonio Tremolada is broadcast live on Teletutto and SuperTv.

The bishop of Como Oscar Cantoni presides over the Eucharist in the parish of Lipomo, dedicated to the Holy Spirit, with live coverage on Espensione Tv (channel 19) and on the Youtube channel of the weekly magazine of the Diocese of Como.

Live Mass from the Cathedral of San Rufino ad Assisi on the parish’s Facebook page. Celebrate the prior Don Cesare Provenzi.


The archbishop of Benevento Felice Accrocca celebrates Mass live from the chapel of the Archbishop’s Palace on Tstv (channel 98) and streamed on the issuer’s Facebook page.

10.30 am

The bishop of Novara Franco Giulio Brambilla celebrates Mass in the Cathedral with direct on

From Assisi the Mass of Bishop Domenico Sorrentino at the Sanctuary of the Madonna dei Tre Fossi goes in live streaming on the Facebook page of the Parishes of the Assisi Mountain.

The Mass celebrated by the bishop of Macerata Nazareno Marconi in the church of San Giorgio is broadcast by EmmeTv (channel 89) as well as streaming on the Youtube channel and on the Facebook page of the diocese.

In the diocese of Tortona The live streaming Mass on and is celebrated in the Cathedral by Bishop Vittorio Francesco Viola.

TO Bergamo Mass in the Cathedral live on Bergamo TV. The bishop Francesco Beschi celebrates.

11 o’clock

Cardinal Crescenzio Sepe celebrates in the Cathedral of Naples, with direct on the local TV channel Canale 21.

The bishop of Cremona Antonio Napolioni celebrates Mass in the Cathedral live on the portal and on the social networks of the diocese, as well as on local TV on Cremona 1.

The bishop of Padua Claudio Cipolla celebrates in the basilica of Santa Giustina with live Youtube on the diocese channel and on Tv7 Triveneta (channel 12). It is the last Eucharist live for the Paduan bishop.

TO Parma the Mass of the bishop Enrico Solmi in the Cathedral is relaunched by 12 Parma TV (channel 93) and Giovanni Paolo Tv (665 channel).

The bishop of Piacenza Gianni Ambrosio celebrates Mass in the Cathedral with direct streaming on the site and on the Youtube channel of the Diocese of Piacenza-Bobbio.

Lodi: Bishop Maurizio Malvestiti presides over Mass in the basilica of Sant’Angelo Lodigiano. Live streaming on the Youtube channel of the parish of Saints Antonio and Francesca Cabrini in Sant’Angelo Lodigiano.

The archbishop of Cosenza-Bisignano Francesco Nolé presides over the Eucharistic liturgy in the Cathedral in the presence of the members of the Ordo virginum in the 50th anniversary of the promulgation of the rite of consecration. Live streaming on the Facebook page of the Cathedral of Cosenza.

Pontifical of the bishop of Grosseto Rodolfo Cetoloni from the Cathedral live on Tv9.

TO Locri The Mass of Bishop Francesco Oliva in the mother church of Benestare is broadcast live on Telemia, streaming on and on the Fb channels of the Diocese of Locri-Gerace and of the diocesan newspaper Pandocheion-Casa that welcomes.

From Assisi Mass in the sanctuary of the Spogliazione with direct on the Facebook page of the diocese of Assisi-Nocera Gualdo and on MariaVision. The rector Father Carlos Acacio Goncalves Ferreira celebrates.

11.30 am

From the Cathedral of Gorizia the Mass of Archbishop Carlo Maria Redaelli streaming on the Facebook page of the Archdiocese and on the Youtube channel

TO Reggio Emilia Bishop Massimo Camisasca celebrates Mass in the Cathedral with live TV on Teletricolore, streaming on the Youtube Libertà TV channel and on the Facebook page of La Libertà.

To Anagni Bishop Lorenzo Loppa celebrates Mass in the Cathedral with direct on the Youtube and Facebook profiles of the diocese of Anagni-Alatri.

The bishop of Nola Francesco Marino presides over the Sunday liturgy in the Cathedral with live TV on Videonola (channel 88) and on the diocesan Facebook profile (inDialogo Chiesa di Nola), animated by the editorial staff of the diocesan insert of Avvenire.


In the Cathedral of Genoa Cardinal Angelo Bagnasco celebrates Mass with priestly ordinations. Live streaming on the website and, as well as on the Youtube channel Il Cittadino Diocesi di Genova and the Facebook page In Cittadino Arcidiocesi di Genova.


Cardinal Gualtiero Bassetti, archbishop of PerugiaCittà della Pieve and president of the CEI, presides in the basilica of Merciful Love in Collevalenza di Todi a solemn Eucharistic concelebration on the 6th anniversary of the beatification of Mother Hope of Jesus. Live streaming: 25/31-May-2020-6-anniversary-of-beatification-of-mother-hope /.

In the Cathedral of Modena Archbishop Erio Castellucci celebrates live on TVQui (channel 19, streaming on The liturgy is preceded at 17.20 by the Rosary at the end of the Marian month.

The archbishop of Sassari Gian Franco Saba celebrates the pontifical in the Cathedral for the Feast of the Vow. Live TV on Videolina.

In the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Garden a Chiavari Bishop Alberto Tanasini presides over the Mass live on the diocesan broadcaster TeleRadioPace and streamed on

From Ivrea the Mass presided over by Bishop Edoardo Cerrato in live streaming on the Facebook page of the diocesan weekly Il Risveglio and on the website of the Diocese.


In the chapel of the ancient seminary of Lecce Archbishop Michele Seccia celebrates streaming on Portalecce and Telerama. It will be the last live broadcast of the Salento prelate.

The archbishop of Pompei Tommaso Caputo celebrates Mass in the Shrine on national live on Tv2000. Streaming on the Sanctuary Facebook page.

TO Taranto Archbishop Filippo Santoro celebrates at the end of May with the missionary Rosary and the blessing of the restored gold of the painting of the Madonna della Salute. Live streaming from the Diocesan Shrine on the Filippo Santoro Facebook page.

For reports of Masses on live TV and social media on Sunday 7 June: f.ognibene

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