Massacre of thirty migrants, killed in revenge by the relatives of a trafficker


Migrants in a Libyan detention center. Here they often end up in the hands of human traffickers – Ansa

A massacre of migrants in revenge. Last night the Ministry of Interior of the Tripoli National Accord government made it known that 30 people, 26 from Bangladesh and 4 from Africa, were killed in revenge by relatives of a human trafficker. The latter, a thirty-year-old, was reportedly killed by some migrants, for reasons that are not yet clear. The family revenge in the city of Mezdah 150 km south of the capital also caused the injury of 11 other foreigners hospitalized in Zintane hospital.

The ministry promised to prosecute the perpetrators of the massacre and bring them to justice. The situation of migrants in the North African country is worsening day by day, between the pandemic and the resumption of fighting.

Meanwhile, always yesterday, first sentences in Messina, for Bija’s men: 20 years in prison each in Mohamed Condè, 22 years of Guinea, Hamed Ahmed, 26 years old, Egyptian and Mahmoud Ashuia, 24 years old, Egyptian. These are 3 “torturers” of migrants arrested on September 16 at the Messina hotspot. They were accused of various crimes including, criminal association, trafficking, sexual violence, murder and torture. The three were recognized by some of the migrants rescued from the ship “Alex” of the Mediterranean NGO, who landed in Lampedusa in July. Investigators told about the torture, beatings and the many violence they suffered.

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