Massacre of Capaci: homage to Falcone, his wife and escort | White sheets not to forget


The program opens, as always, at 9:00 with the laying of flowers in front of the stele of the highway that recalls the massacre carried out by the Cosa Nostra. At 12.00 Palermo celebrates a suffrage mass in the church of San Domenico, the Pantheon of the illustrious Palermitans who also welcomes the remains of Falcone. The closing of the day at 5:58 pm, the time of the massacre: flash mobs throughout Italy with white sheets exposed on the balconies.

The exposure of the sheets, which refers to a civil society campaign launched after the 1992 attack, was born from an impulse from the Falcone Foundation and #PalermochiamaItalia who chose a slogan to summarize the meaning of the initiative: “My balcony is a square. ” The sheets will appear not only on the balconies of many Palermitans but also on the facades of the Police Headquarters, the Prefecture, the Municipality, Villa Pajno, the prefect’s residence, the CGIL and Palazzo Gulì, home of the “No Mafia Memorial”. The Giuseppe Impastato center, which manages it, will exhibit a sheet for the victims of Capaci and one for the doctors and nurses who died while facing the Covid.

Compared to the past, the central part of the program is no longer the meeting with young people and schools in the Ucciardone bunker room. The web is the virtual space in which many events will be proposed.

At 5:58 pm in front of the Falcone tree the silence will be played without the crowd that is usually found here coming together from various processions. At the same time in the garden of the Lungaro barracks will be placed the Quarto Savona Quindici display case with the twisted remains of the escort car and the “Choral of silence” of the playwright Vincenzo Pirrotta will be represented with the participation of Salvo Ficarra and Valentino Picone, of actors
of the Biondo theater and some musicians.

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