Massacre in Bologna station, unpublished photograph taken shortly after the explosion


A photograph that portrays the square of the Bologna station the morning of August 2, 1980shortly after the explosion that caused 85 deaths and 200 injured. an unpublished image that found after 40 years by the lawyer Andrea Speranzoni, defender of the association of family members of the victims of the massacre. In the color shot it is possible to distinguish a woman who seems to move away from meeting the camera lens, with a bag on her right shoulder and a hand on her temple, as if to protect her head; a traffic policeman from behind and other people in the background. In the background, however, the space occupied by the smoke that invaded the station entrance after the violent explosion. Upon arriving I found myself in front of the station that looked like this show a war scene, were the words used by the Bolognese photographer Paolo Ferrari in 2015, to describe the attack, during an interview with Corriere della Sera. A tragedy that remained – like other years – a mystery (What we know).

The Bellini trial

Meanwhile, a few days ago, the Prosecutor General of Bologna asked for the indictment for Paolo Bellini, former national avant-garde, believed to be an executioner of the massacre of August 2, 1980 (for the complete chronology, see the website of the Association of the victims’ families here): the man would have acted in competition with Licio Gelli, Umberto Ortolani, Federico Umberto D’Amato and Mario Tedeschi, all deceased and believed to be the principals, financiers or organizers of the attack. Request for judgment also for the ex general of Sisde Quintino Spella and the ex carabiniere Piergiorgio Segatel, for misdirection, and Domenico Catracchia, for false information to the prosecutor in order to divert the investigation. The investigation has come to accuse Bellini the file on principals, always urged by the association of the victims’ family members: first filed against unknown persons by the ordinary public prosecutor, was advocated in October 2017 by the public prosecutor who now requested the trial.

A mug shot (left) and a still image (right) of Paolo Bellini, a former national avant-garde (Ansa)
A mug shot (left) and a still image (right) of Paolo Bellini, a former national avant-garde (Ansa)

The recognition in a video

But how did you get to the figure of Bellini? L‘ex wife he would have recognized his then partner in a video of the time, on the morning of August 2, 1980. Unfortunately, he would have declared in a video viewed by theHandle. In the video we see a curly man with a mustache, taken in an amateur movie on the first track of the Bologna station. Bellini, former National Avant-garde, accused of massacre contest and for him the Prosecutor General has recently asked for the indictment. I can say that the person portrayed in the still image immediately after the column my ex-husband would have said Maurizia Bonini, questioned on November 12, 2019. In the interrogation there is also talk of a chain and a crucifix: Paolo had a chain that he wore around his neck with a medal and a crucifix, at least so I seem to remember. And in recognizing the ex-husband in the video, the woman observes: Attached to the chain it seems to me there is a crucifix.

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