Massa: ‘Schumacher’s situation is complicated’ – F1


“I know how Schumacher is, we have always had a very close relationship. A little less with his wife Corinna, because he rarely came to see the races live. His situation is complicated.” Schumi’s ex-partner at Ferrari’s time, Felipe Massa, speaks unbalanced about the state of health of the seven-time Formula 1 world champion. “I respect privacy and if your family does not want to release any particular news about your state of health , why should I do it – adds the Brazilian driver in an interview to Fox Sport -? I dream and pray every day that I can improve “.
Massa then spoke of the son of the great champion, Mick Schumacher. “I am also a father and I know the meaning of a similar bond – explains Massa -. It would be nice to see Michael again on a circuit especially now that his son is running. Being able to encourage him, follow him, applaud him. It would be magnificent”.


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