Masks that light up when they detect Coronavirus


A mask that lights up when it detects the COVID-19 it may soon be reality. The is working on it MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) in collaboration with theHarvard University. These two American institutions have been collaborating for some time, and precisely since 2014, on a similar project to locate people suffering from Ebola is Zika through special sensors. Now they are updating the technology to adapt to the Coronavirus. Basically they thought of a mask that produces a fluorescent signal when an infected person breathes, coughs or sneezes. The sensors use the body’s moisture to activate and therefore detect the genetic sequence of the virus.

Encouraging results

The results of the first tests are encouraging and the experimental phase is expected to end successfully within a few weeks. The crossroads before scholars is now to understand how to implement these sensors: by incorporating them inside a template designed for the purpose or by finding a way that can make them usable with those already on the market.

Rally in lockdown, here is the video that depopulated on the web!

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