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Always wear the mask, removing it only at the time of the actual meal. And use the surgical one, not the filter ones equipped with a valve. And then reserve the table, do not exchange cutlery and glasses, avoid cash. These are some of the recommendations on how to behave in bars and restaurants drawn up by the Higher Institute of Health ten days after the opening of the premises and before the green light to move between regions, possible from 3 June.

Mask without valve, no shared appetizers and contactless payment: the rules for bars and restaurants

Before entering:

– where possible, book by phone or via app

– in premises with take-away products, order online or by telephone

– if you are waiting in the restaurant, keep your distance from other customers

– when not possible, wear the mask

Inside the club:

– follow the directions for access and for indoor movements, limiting the latter as much as possible

– always keep your distance

– respect the obligatory routes to reach the table or the point where to consume

– always wear a mask, even when you contact the staff, remove it only when you are consuming

– always use the hand sanitizing sprays or gels available

– if you use the toilet, always wash your hands thoroughly after use

– avoids the promiscuous use of dishes, cutlery and bottles

– in premises with counter consumption or take-away products, limits the stay in the room to what is strictly necessary

– if possible, avoid using cash

Mask without valve, no shared appetizers and contactless payment: the rules for bars and restaurants

In the Report “Interim Indications on the Containment of Contagion from Sars-Cov -2 and on Food Hygiene in the Restaurant and Food Administration”, edited by the ISS Public Health Veterinary and Food Safety Working Group, there are also rules and recommendations for managers and exhibitors:

– limit the number of accesses to the premises to avoid overcrowding

– provide separate routes, when possible, for the entry and exit of customers from the premises

– enforce the safety distance between people, also by adopting specific signs

– advise against accepting customers who use filter half-masks equipped with a valve (FFP2 / FFP3 with exhalation valve) which, by not providing an exhalation barrier for their specific manufacturing principle, do not guarantee respect for risk situations

– adopt alternative methods to the use of paper menus and wine lists, for example through the posting of signs or screens or the use of applications for smartphones or the use of disposable paper menus

– eliminate the buffet service and avoid the administration of appetizers with shared dishes, favoring single portions

Coronavirus, this is how we will eat in the restaurant

Kitchen workers and preparing food must:

– adopt stringent hygiene measures such as washing your hands very often and never touching your eyes, nose and mouth and wearing glasses when handling irritating foods (onions, chilli, etc.)

– always refer to the five key points for safe food indicated by the WHO (adherence to hygiene practices and cleaning, cleansing and disinfection procedures, separation of raw and cooked food, careful cooking of food, keeping food at the right temperature, use only water and safe raw materials)

– ensure adequate sanitation, with appropriate cleansing and disinfectant products and with adequate frequency, of the rooms assigned to the administration and storage of food, the service rooms, as well as all the tools and surfaces with which the food comes into contact (worktops, containers, dishes)

For the waiter service staff:

– the use of the surgical mask is necessary for the whole work shift and where possible, the use of gloves (which are in any case always to be used during the sanitization activities at the end of each table service)

– the administrative staff and the staff in charge of the cashier must wear the surgical mask also providing separation barriers (e.g. plexiglass separator)

Anti-Covid-19 procedures for safe eating in McDonald’s restaurants

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