Marotta, with a signature two slaps to Juve. And a ‘decrypted’ text message in Turin


L’Inter does not hide, and plays cards face up on Sandro Tonali. The words of Ausilio, ds nerazzurro, are in some ways unusual in an important negotiation like that for the young midfielder of the Brescia. But the attitude of a great club is dictated by the advantage acquired by Inter itself thanks to the sale of Mauro Icardi at the PSG.

With a signature, that of the Argentine with the French club, therefore, Beppe Marotta and Piero Ausilio they sent two slaps to the Juventus. The first, to sell Icardi and make a maxi-gain, avoiding giving in to the bianconeri, who had been on the player for a long time and had repeatedly tried to do so. The second, to bring a sum of money to the cashier capable of giving the Nerazzurri a great advantage in the race to Tonali. An advantage that will hardly be wasted and that could thus ‘avenge’ the operation Kulusevski, then finished at Juventus.

All with a non-public message but easily decrypted by everyone, especially in Turin: “Inter is back. And it’s serious“. The Gazzetta dello Sport writes:

A face up cards. Inter can break the delay and push to get to Tonali. It could be Mauro Icardi’s last gift to the Nerazzurri, as well as a kind of handover. The former captain, the cover man of the complicated post Triplete years, could end up financing the operation that would project Inter into the future with an important investment for the most disputed talent of the moment. And winning this market challenge with Juve would have enormous value also in terms of image. As a new message of challenge, to show that Inter is really back“.

(Source: the Gazzetta dello Sport)

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