Markets protest. Ready to go out into the square


Weekly markets, ready to take to the streets. After the approval of the Region to start again for them from last Monday, in fact none of the approximately 70 markets that mount in the various districts of the capital and in the province has managed to do so. These are about 4,500 operators who have not worked for over two months and do not even have the slightest prospect of doing so without the help of the competent municipalities. The reason is easy to say: impossible, the category complains, to comply with the current anti-covid rules. In practice, the Municipalities would ask them for a project that, exactly as it already works for the daily markets, must guarantee spacing, a ban on gathering, quota entrances and perhaps even a fence to guarantee the entry and exit of customers from one side only.

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Impossible, according to the category, to respect all these measures due to the lack, above all, of resources. Thus markets such as that of viale Tiziano which has up to 100 stalls or of Monte Mario or of Valle Aurelia have not been mounted for more than 70 days, leaving empty the areas that generally host their stalls. After complaining about the situation and asking the municipalities for an intervention that could for example concern the hiring of personnel in charge of the control of the areas where they operate to guarantee at least the quiet entrances, the operators decided to take to the streets to demonstrate. The date could be Monday or Tuesday, in the absence of a political solution. «We have accepted the requests of the category – says Antonio Fainella, Director of Confartigianato Roma – we will …


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