Mario Fabbroni Other than 230 thousand cases. The Italians affected by the coronavirus


Mario Fabbroni
Other than 230 thousand cases. The Italians affected by the coronavirus are many, “between half a million and 5 million”. Shocking statement that of the president of the Accademia dei Lincei, the physicist Giorgio Parisi, in the hearing before the Senate Hygiene and Health Commission: “So we see the tip of the iceberg, but we don’t see the iceberg submerged”. And we must hurry, very soon if we want to get prepared for a possible second wave of the virus, which even the Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza, does not exclude at all: «The results of the 150,000 serological tests must be presented by the summer : if instead they were known only later, it would be a great missed opportunity. In addition, blood tests should not be performed for people but for groups, divided into the various Italian provinces “, insists Parisi, who also criticizes the resources deployed by the Authorities to arrive at a reliable mass screening:” Ten staff units for 6 months at Istat, they do not seem at first sight a big investment. And will the Red Cross manage to collect all the data in less than a month? ».
NO SCAMS. The question is more than legitimate, especially if one observes the Italians’ approach to participation in the serological test. Today it will be Rome, yesterday it was the turn of Liguria, Abruzzo and Lazio. But the answers to the first 7300 calls from the Red Cross to the people chosen to take the test are worrying: in fact, 60% of those contacted did not join, showing much skepticism. Even the Red Cross was forced to say: “We are not stalkers, the calls from 06.5510 are true and not a scam, indeed it is a service that you can provide to your country through a small vein sampling”.
CONTRARY. “The rules imposed by the government for the reopening of shops, gyms and other places open to the public” are all useless, and in some cases even harmful to health. The only effective anti-contagion measures are, and remain, three: social distancing, the use of masks and hand washing “, says epidemiologist Donato Greco, for 30 years at the head of the Epidemiology Laboratory of the Higher Institute of health, today WHO consultant, who rejects without appeal also the “sanitization, complete with martians in white overalls armed with hydro-nebulizer guns. The practice of enveloping the personal effects of customers of hairdressers and gyms is also useless ».
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