Maria De Filippi changes everything


Special friends of Maria De Filippi are ready for a new challenge for Italy together with Tim and, for the occasion, Maria changes “everything” here is how

Maria De Filippi will be back on the air tomorrow, Friday 29 May, in prime time on Canale 5 together with his Special Friends – Together for Italy, the beneficial marathon to help our country to get out of the tragedy of Coronavirus. The rules of the game change a bit compared to the first two episodes, in which one winner was declared per episode (the first one saw the dancer triumph Alessio Gaudino, the second the singer Alberto Urso) but there has been no elimination.

Maria’s Special Friends team


The Special friends that Maria De Filippi wanted to deploy in this magical adventure are The Kolors, Irama, Michele Bravi, Alberto Urso, Giordana Angi, Gaia Gozzi and the absolute revelation Random between singers, while the dancers are Gabriele Esposito, Andreas Muller Umberto Gaudino, Javier Rojas and Alessio Gaudino (credits: photo by Fabrizio Cestari).

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Next to her he then wanted three great friends with a capital A: Gerry Scotti, Sabrina Ferilli, Giorgio Panariello and Eleonora Abbagnato. They are then joined by 4 faces for 4 large radio networks Anna Pettinelli for RDS, Daniela Cappelletti for RADIO ITALIA, Federica Gentile for RTL 102.5 and Alessandro Sansone for RADIO 105. And his longtime collaborators Peppe Vessicchio could certainly not be missing, Alessandra Celentano and Rudy Zerbi.

Projects financed by Amici

Maria De Filippi and Sabrina Ferilli

The solidarity of the Friends of Maria De Filippi has brought to date very good fruits for the Civil protection: 65 thousand swabs, 10 thousand ffp2 masks, 2 intensive care equipment, reimbursements to 10 social workers for 30 days, reimbursements to 5 doctors for 1 month, 1100 liters of disinfectant gel and all proceeds from televoting.

What changes in the semi-final of Amici

Tomorrow’s program will completely change its structure: no longer “only” performances, but turns into a real race. At the end of the evening i will be decreed four talent who will have access to the final on June 5.

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