Maria De Filippi anxious about Gemma


Psychodrama during today’s episode of Men and women, with Gemma Galgani who can no longer reason clearly. Maria De Filippi is very worried ...

TO Men and women, in today’s episode, Friday 29 May, is gone a real psychodrama on stage starring Gemma Gargani and the attack of jealousy towards Nicola Vivarelli and Valentina Autiero before and towards Nicola after. The Turin lady is so dazed that she can no longer think clearly and even goes so far treat Sirius very badly: by his fault? Not having answered her on the phone.

Gemma’s jealousy makes her sick

Everyone in the studio, including Maria De Filippi, is certain that Gemma is too jealous and morbid towards his 26-year-old suitor and who is therefore in danger of doing himself much harm if he does not give himself a settlement. Galgani, however, defines it as “clarity and not jealousy. Since I have to protect myself against an already delicate situation, it is right that I ask the questions in order to have clear answers. ”

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The first part of the attempted clarification concerns Nicola and Valentina, who according to Gemma would not be telling the truth entirely. The lady, however, completely misunderstood the words and the lips between the two. Everyone tries to make him understand, but she just doesn’t hear us. Maria tries to reassure her, tries to make her understand that there is nothing between the two, but she is of a completely different opinion: “Instead I think that he has a sympathy for Valentina. If so, I take a step back. I certainly don’t want to condition him with my presence ”. Gemma is really attacked by “paranoia“, points out Gianni Sperti.

“I would like to clarify this situation once and for all with Valentina. I don’t care about Valentina, I’ve said it several times. And I’ll repeat it to you as many times as necessary. This is the current situation: I met Gemma and I want to continue knowing her, “he says dryly Nicola. But even in these words Galgani does not believe fully.

Gemma Galgani’s paranoia

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Maria tries to make her reason: “Is it a jealousy of the eventuality of the eventuality or do you need clarity?” He asks. And she replies: “I have a naughty intuition, I have particular feelings, for three days I see it strange and different. It’s a feeling, then I put together several images. So I asked myself questions. The other day I asked Nicola if I would like to hear from you on the phone. ” Why now this story? Because, he adds, “when I call him he doesn’t answer and it disturbs me. ”


Nicola tries to make her understand that he is not a mobile phone employee, who does not always keep it with him and who I have in any case, when he sees an unanswered call, he always calls back. Turin lady all this seems absurd… It does not create any pleasure to find an unanswered call, also because she always answers. “I am a person who brings my phone everywhere if I am interested in a person, “replies Galgani angrily.


“Gem, you are not in a relationship with a call center. If he doesn’t answer, it doesn’t mean he’s out and about with Valentina. Why does it make you feel bad? ”, Try to make her think again Queen Mary. “I have a feeling of emptiness when he doesn’t answer me”Gemma says in a low voice. “Gemma, be careful not to load the man you’re with with your paranoia. Be careful not to get heavy. ”

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