“March on Rome”, tension in the center. Protests and blockades, 70 reported


Seventy identified. For all a complaint for unauthorized demonstration and for those arriving from outside Rome for the failure to comply with the anti-Covid provisions on travel between regions, still in force, at least until next Wednesday. Thus ended the first demonstration of “March on Rome”, a group born in mid-April on Facebook, with a profile on which 6,300 people registered, coordinated by the entrepreneur in the security sector Franco «Ciccio» Della Magna, 50 years old , of Terracina, who with repeated direct broadcasts on the social network has joined several protest movements against government policies on the fight against coronavirus. From North to south. In 250, as announced in recent days on the internet, yesterday at noon took part in an unannounced sit-in at the Questura in Piazza Venezia, which however resulted at a certain point in a double attempt to reach Montecitorio and Palazzo Madama.

There were moments of tension, the protesters, intoning the national anthem and shouting “Freedom, freedom!”, Tried to force the blockade of the police on via del Corso and via del Plebiscito. “To the government we want to say that the virus is a Trojan horse, it doesn’t exist,” said a spokesman on the megaphone – and for this reason many today do not wear a mask. They are making us fail, I don’t know what their political plan is, do they want to redo the social rules? They want to confine us and register us all ». Someone lay down on the ground, others threatened to set up tents and not move from the square. There were no charges, no clashes, and in the end the demonstration was dissolved when the participants began to flow out in small groups.

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