March on Rome and Casapound in the square against the government


AGI – Morning of great tension today in the capital when two hundred people took part in the event organized via social media, and without any warning, from Fb group of ‘Marcia su Roma’ and from ‘Casapound’ in an attempt to reach Palazzo Chigi and piazza Montecitorio.

Seventy people were identified and reported for unauthorized demonstration. According to what is learned, the sanctions are also being examined regarding the non-compliance with the anti-contagion rules for the coronavirus epidemic. Also because several demonstrators were unmasked and came from other regions.

Means armored vehicles of the Police and Carabinieri, with the police forces deployed in riot gear, they prevented the influx by closing via del Corso. Among the demonstrators, also some orange vests and people from Bergamo, one of the areas most affected by the coronavirus.

The idea, which united the demonstrators, is that the health crisis is only an invention of the political class and an excuse to register citizens, forced instead to deal with an unprecedented economic crisis.

“We are here because we are desperate”

Many, who had the tricolor flag on their shoulders and did not wear a mask in protest, shouted “freedom” and “with us”, complaining that they no longer have a job and an income. Others, armed with megaphones, drew attention to the fact that “there are people who have not eaten and who have not taken their wages for months. We are hungry”.

“If we are here today, it is because we are truly desperate”, some women from Bergamo vented. “We are respectable people – said one to an agent -, you are my brother. We are all Italians”. “Let us pass on that it is the right thing,” said another.

No chance to reach the beating heart of politics and so the protesters decided to remain to the bitter end: “We occupy Piazza Venezia and set up tents”, they added: “We stay here for the future of our children and for all that they have raised us in recent months, the government has betrayed us. ”

Orange vests ask for a return to the lira

The manifestations of the orange vests, a movement created along the lines of the French yellow vests by the former general of the carabinieri Antonio Pappalardo, also took place in other Italian cities, including Milan, where a hundred people gathered in Piazza Duomo asking for a return to the lira.

The majority of the protesters did not respect the safety distances prescribed for the coronavirus emergency and several also had their masks lowered, the mayor, Beppe Sala said, who asked the prefect to report the organizers. .

“Not wearing masks during a demonstration and not respecting the safety distances as Pappalardo in Milan and Casapound in Rome is a scar on the victims of the Coronavirus. A regrettable provocation that jeopardizes the health and life of people”, commented the former President of the Chamber, Laura Boldrini. In fact, many will be reported. In fact, in the afternoon, the identification of the demonstrators had begun.

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