Mara Venier’s guests. Morgan and …


Mara Venier returns punctually at 2 pm on Rai 1 with her Domenica In and many guests for a crackling episode: among the big names we will find Morgan and …

Sunday in has reached its 38th episode and Mara Venier back on time very fast at 2 pm on Rai 1 also today, Sunday 31 May, live by Studies ‘Fabrizio Frizzi’ From Rome. Even today’s episode will be strictly without studio audience and with many guests in connection. The link with Massimo Ranieri, who will tell his private life and career between anecdotes and memories. The singer will also present his single “My reason”, which he had sung at Sanremo 2020 festival.

Laughter with Brignano

The amusing and very nice comedian Enrico Brignano will be in connection with the hostess of Domenica In to present the evening “All home and theater”, Which will be broadcast on Rai2 on Monday 1 June starting at 9.15 pm. Brignano will also review the days spent at home with the family during the lockdown due to the Coronavirus emergency and then tell how he spent this period of forced rest in the family (his wife Flora Canto and their daughter) due to the Coronavirus emergency.

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Moment … Morgan with Aunt Mara


Being Morgan, the yellow house”Is the new book by Marco Castoldi, aka Morgan, who in connection from Milan will present the volume containing unpublished photos, stories and writings relating to his life. Professor Massimo Galli, director of the Infectious Diseases Department of the ‘Sacco’ hospital in Milan, will speak with Venier to comment on the Covid-19 situation and analyze the data relating to the pandemic, while the governor of Liguria Giovanni Toti and the mayor of Bari Antonio Decaro will address the issue of the reopening of protected regions scheduled for June 3.


The correspondent Rai from Beijing Giovanna Botteri, will recount his 30 years of correspondent in which he closely followed the most significant international events. Pierluigi Diaco he will connect from Studio 3 in Via Teulada, from which he will conduct the program “Io e Te”, which will be broadcast on Rai 1 from Monday 1 June at 2.00 pm.

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