Manchester United probes Douglas Costa and Demiral


TURIN – The new hairstyle shown yesterday on social media, for him who is so attentive to such an aspect, will lend itself to more playful interpretations: in fact, Paulo Dybala – among others – has already expressed himself, followed by Claudio Marchisio is Danilo. Between one touch-up and another, Douglas Costa also think about the field, how to return decisive as soon as possible in the season in which he would have had to split the world and, on the contrary, he was forced to skip already 17 official games. It is a fault of crumbly muscles and it is a pity, because when the Brazilian played he often revealed himself to be decisive: a Moscow – Champions, 6 November 2019 – if they still remember it.

The story of Merih Demiralinstead, it is quite particular. The Turkish designer signed the Juventus season only for 560 minutes and change, then the crusader crashed and goodbye dreams. The defender has been missing since 12 January, from the damned night in Rome with goals and injuries attached to the same match (for other extraordinary until then: a special quarter of an hour, before the knockout). The season extended by Coronavirus will allow the former Sassuolo to get back in the saddle in time for the resumption of the Champions in August, but with the possibility of making it even for the matches (still hypothetical) of late July in the championship.

Douglas Costa and Demiral are linked by a common destiny in a tight circle: they will be subject to observation by Manchester United, a club linked to Juventus by very good relations. The polls carried out by emissaries against the two players, apparently, will have nothing to do with the black and white dream by the name Paul and the surname Pogba the return of which to Turin remains possible as long as under conditions that are decidedly different from those previously envisaged by the Red Devils: cash payment and no technical compensation at stake.

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