“Man has destroyed dinosaurs, will destroy viruses”





Al Bano: Man has destroyed dinosaurs, will destroy viruses

(Freeze frame from Rai Play)

“Man has been able to destroy dinosaurs, let alone if he is not able to destroy this small worm, microbe, which is called coronavirus”. Al Bano finds himself at the top of the trends on Twitter after the statements made in the interview on Domenica In. In connection with Cellino San Marco, the singer allows himself a consideration that triggers the reaction of the social networks. “The human race has always won, It seems that evil is winning, but in the end it is losing. Man’s history proves it,” says Al Bano. Inevitable, the avalanche of comments on the artist’s ‘externalizations’, with an abundance of memes that span between Jurassic Park and the Flintstones.

“Man has always won against pestilences, against viruses, against the Spanish, against wars, against dictators”, the words of Al Bano. “We will do it, we will certainly do it. We just have to be careful what this virus is creating. It is creating the economic virus and politicians must prevent this huge malaise,” he continues.

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