Malpezzi (Pd): winners of the extraordinary competition will have an appointment backdating. From September, more teachers will be needed



Malpezzi (Parliament Relations Undersecretary): ‚ÄúTeachers’ competition will not be held in the summer but the winners will have a backdating of the legal appointment. In September we will have a different school and will need more teachers ”

Senator of the Democratic Party Simona Malpezzi, Undersecretary of the Ministry for Relations with Parliament, spoke on the microphones of the “Open Day” broadcast, conducted by Alessio Moriggi on Radio Cusano Campus.

On the School Decree and the extraordinary competition for teachers. “As far as the competition is concerned, there was an agreement amendment already voted yesterday-said Malpezzi-. We found a synthesis with the other political government forces, starting from the assumption that the summer competition cannot be done in the manner that had previously been established. It was therefore decided to safeguard the merit with a selective test, the modalities of which must be specified. However, we have added an important element: since it will not be possible to hire teachers in September as the competition will not take place in the summer, we will ensure that all those who pass the competition in the next school year have the legal appointment backdated. The teachers will be in the chair from September with fixed-term contracts but there will be a significant number of places because the audience has been expanded and consequently there is this extra opportunity because our interest was to expand the fact of the teachers who will have a permanent contract.

We bear in mind that undoubtedly in September we will face a school that is different from the one we left behind. We will have a different way of conceiving it also in the same number of teachers. It will no longer be possible to work on class groups like the ones we know. We still await the indications of the scientific technical committee to build the new school from September onwards. Certainly more teachers will be needed and it is no coincidence that in the revival decree for the school there is an additional one billion and 500 million “.

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