Malag: “Not even the time of the calendar and the companies fight.” Bordered to Conte and Inter?


Giovanni Malag, president of Coni, has released some statements to the microphones of the journalists of the newspaper La Stampa.

Giovanni Malagò, president of CONI, spoke to the microphones of the newspaper The print and commented on the government’s decision to restart Serie A and Coppa Italia. Here is what was stated: “Football was good, but now you learn the lesson. Spadafora has not succumbed to temptation and has not derailed: no discount on the ball. With Germany the differences are systematic, it is useless to try to copy only single decisions. Not even the time of the calendar that companies fight: nothing new. I’m not surprised. ”

The reference to Inter and coach Antonio Conte who threatened to send the Primavera training against Napoli to San Paolo on the occasion of the Italian Cup return semifinal (the Nerazzurri start from 0-1 of the first leg) Fabian Ruiz). Then Giovanni Malagò added further statements: “Go back to the stands to see my Rome? Maybe I will feel like it, now I don’t have any. And I’m not the only one.” In short, football resumes, but controversy never fails.

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