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Personal data, requirements and payment methods: here are the steps to request the allowance of up to 1,000 euros for domestic workers

by Matteo Prioschi

INPS, applications for bonus for domestic workers

Personal data, requirements and payment methods: here are the steps to request the allowance of up to 1,000 euros for domestic workers

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From Monday, domestic workers can submit the application to obtain the 500 euro indemnity introduced by the relaunch decree referring to the months of April and May (in total 1,000 euro). The request must be made to INPS via the website or the call center, but alternatively you can contact a patronage which carries out the procedure on behalf of the applicant.

If you choose the online procedure, you must have a PIN (personal identification code) issued by the social security institution, or a Spid digital identity of at least second level, or an electronic identity card 3.0, or the national services card. The Pin, it should be remembered, is also useful if you resort to the call center.

Login and personal data
The online route starts from the pre-home page of the INPS site where the main services and news related to the Covid emergency are present these days. Click on the “Covid-19 allowance for domestic workers” service and go to the page where you can enter your credentials. Then you get to the actual application procedure.

After recognizing the user, the system preloads the personal data necessary for the request. In case of errors it is necessary to go to the registry area of ​​the reserved section of the site and then return to the procedure.

Then you must declare your possession of the required requirements by ticking the relevant boxes. To obtain the allowance it is necessary:
be or have been in possession of at least one active domestic work relationship as of 23 February 2020 for a total duration (calculated as the sum of all active employment relationships) exceeding 10 hours per week
not be living with the employer;
not having benefited from the allowances introduced by the decree-law 18/2020 in favor of the following categories of workers: VAT numbers and registered in the hoped-for management INPS (article 27), traders, artisans and direct farmers (28), seasonal workers tourism or spas (29), agricultural workers (30), show business workers (38);
not having received the allowance provided for members of the professional pension funds or that of intermittent workers, occasional collaborators, door-to-door vendors, non-tourism seasonal workers and spas (article 44 of Legislative Decree 18/2020);
not be a pensioner, except for the ordinary disability allowance;
do not hold any other type of permanent employment relationship.

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