Maid and caregivers, the instructions of the INPS to access the allowance of one thousand euros


Maid and caregivers, the instructions of the INPS to access the allowance of one thousand euros

L’allowance intended e domestic workers is caregivers it cannot be combined with others bonus provided by Cura Italia decree, nor with the Basic income or pension, except that of disability. Remember itINPS, stating that to obtain the allowance, intended for domestic workers who had employment relationships of more than 10 hours per week on 23 February, it will be necessary to expressly declare that they have not benefited from other allowances provided for by the Cura Italia decree and that they are not holders of other type of permanent employment, pension or last resort income. The bonus is valid for the months of April and May and amounts to 500 euros per month which will be disbursed in a single solution. “This measure – reads – is aimed at supporting workers in the household category, taking into account the serious epidemiological emergency linked to the spread of COVID-19. The allowance is intended for domestic workers not living with the employer who, on 23 February 2020, had one or more employment contracts in place for a total duration of more than 10 hours per week “.

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Access to the online application for domestic workers’ allowance – explains INPS – is available directly on the homepage of the website www. The user is then directed to the authentication page for the INPS services. In order to submit the application, the applicant must be in possession of the Pin or Spid, the electronic identity card or the National Service Card. Who is not in possession of the Pin can request it on the site. The application for compensation can also be submitted via the Multichannel Contact Center service, by calling the toll-free number 803 164 from the fixed network (free of charge) or the number 06 164164 from the mobile network (for a fee, based on the rate applied by the various operators) always however you are in possession of the Pin. Furthermore, it is possible to apply through patronage. The patronage mandate can also be provided electronically until the end of the health emergency.

The applicant must indicate the methods of accreditation chosen for the payment of the allowance, by selecting from the IBAN code for bank / postal transfer, credit on postal passbook or domiciled transfer. Cash payment can also be chosen at the post office counter. INPS will check the veracity of the self-certifications made by users. Failure to comply will result in the inadmissibility of the application and, in the event that the provision and the related payment have already been issued, the revocation / forfeiture of the benefit, with recovery of any undue in the event of false or false declarations.


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