Magenta closes, only Legnano remains hospital for covid-19


Three months after the first case Covid-19, the Legnano Hospital it is slowly returning to normal, while remaining as a reference point in the Milanese Asst West territory for coronavirus patients.

A positive signal confirmed by infectious disease department returned to host patients with ordinary diseases although it continues to maintain six beds for those who have contracted the Sar-Cov2 virus. The Infectious Diseases Operating Unit led by Dr. Paolo Viganò it is in fact an “accessory department” where positive patients who will have to undergo surgery will also be hospitalized.

In the hospital’s semi-intensive respiratory medicine, about twenty places will remain and some will be reserved for possible patients Covid-19 also in Intensive Care.

L‘Magenta hospital, who supported Legnano, he is discharging his last coronavirus patients to then reactivate all its departments. Legnano, in the end, will remain the only Covid hospital of Asst Ovest Milano.

According to experts, including dr. Viganò, to understand the future trend of the contagion curve, it will be necessary wait for June. In any case, the attention of all the doctors and nurses of the hospital who urge citizens not to disperse protective masks and gloves not only in the environment, but even in the corridors of the Hospital remains high.


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