Mafia: Provenzano and Lo Piccolo assets confiscated for 150 million – Sicily


                          <h2 class="news-stit">Attributable to the figurehead Andrea Impastato, a prominent Mafia member of the Cinisi family, linked to the Badalamenti</h2>
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                      <p><strong>Assets of around € 150 million were confiscated from a boss of the bosses Bernardo Provenzano and Salvatore Lo Piccolo.</strong> To carry out the first instance measure, the agents of the anti-crime division of the Palermo police headquarters who affixed the seals to hundreds of properties in the province of Trapani and Palermo attributable to <strong>Andrea Impastato, 72 years old</strong> Cinisi, arrested in 2002 for mafia and believed to be a figurehead of the two bosses. The confiscated assets include construction and quarrying companies, industrial complexes, warehouses, land, movable assets, current accounts, deposits and securities, and a tourist-residential complex in San Vito Lo Capo, a town in the Trapani area, consisting of numerous apartments and some villas. The confiscation orders were ordered by the judges of the Palermo court. All the assets were attributable, directly or indirectly, to Andrea Impastato, son of Giacomo called "u sinnacheddu", a prominent mafia member of the Cinisi family and linked to the Badalamenti. <br/>   </p></div>
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