Mafia, new blow to the Misilmeri and Belmonte family: 8 arrests


Another blow to the mafia family of Misilmeri-Belmonte-Mezzagno. The carabinieri of the Provincial Command of Palermo have implemented an order for pre-trial detention in prison and house arrest issued by the investigating magistrate of the Court of Palermo at the request of the District Anti-Mafia Prosecutor’s Office, against 8 suspects (6 in prison and 2 under house arrest). ), held for various reasons responsible for mafia-type criminal association, external competition in mafia association, extortion aggravated by the mafia method and violation of obligations relating to special surveillance.

The investigation, followed by a pool of judges coordinated by Deputy Prosecutor Salvatore De Luca, constitutes a further phase of an articulated investigation conducted by the Palermo Investigation Unit on the mafia mandate of Misilmeri-Belmonte Mezzagno which allowed to prove the continued operation of the family.

Some of the clues that emerged during the investigations had already flowed into the provision for the arrest of a suspect of crime issued by the DDA of Palermo and executed on 4 December 2018 – operation “Dome 2.0“- with which the new one had been dismantled provincial commission of Cosa Nostra Palermitan, which met for the first time on May 29, 2018. In that context, 19 people believed to belong to the mafia mandate of Misilmeri-Belmonte Mezzagno, including Filippo Salvatore Bisconti and Salvatore Sciarabba, co-regents of the mafia mandate, Vincenzo Sucato, regent of the mafia family from Misilmeri, and Stefano Polizzi, regent of the mafia family by Bolognetta.

The complex investigation revealed a cross-section of the mafia reality of the southeast area of ​​the Palermo province characterized by the presence of two figures at the same time as head of the mafia mandate of Misilmeri-Belmonte Mezzagno: Salvatore Sciarabba, historian man of honor Misilmerese, released in 2014 and limited in movements by the measure of special surveillance with an obligation to stay in the municipality of Palermo to which he was subjected; Filippo Bisconti, who later became a collaborator of justice, after he was also arrested during the “Cupola 2.0” operation.

Next to them, entrusted to the management of the various mafia families, emerged Vincenzo Sucato and Stefano Polizzi, as well as several honour men including Stefano Casella and Giovanni Salvatore Migliore, affiliated to family of Belmonte Mezzagno, and Domenico Nocilla, affiliated to family from Misilmeri. The latter was also assisted by his son Claudio to organize the movements of Salvatore Sciarabba to reach safe places where to meet with affiliates to discuss the internal dynamics of the mafia partnership.

Through close monitoring of affiliates, in May 2017 the previous, concomitant and subsequent phases of two important were documented summit, chaired by Salvatore Sciarabba inside the home of Carlo Noto, painter, uncensored, also subject of today’s provision (could not perform by virtue of his transfer for work reasons, in 2018, to the United States of America) . In particular, the second summit, which took place on May 27, 2017, was fully monitored. Initially, Sciarabba’s concerns about the risks they were taking by attending such a meeting were intercepted, however deemed necessary since the problems they would have to face could not be summarized in the usual “Pizzini”.

Then the regent of the mandamento, after trying to settle some disagreements that arose among the men of honor, he began to analyze the various events presented to him and issued his own directives on the matter:

  • how they could find construction equipment: the merchant would have been persuaded by one of the men of honor to receive a post-dated check in exchange;
  • the need to hinder an entrepreneur who was carrying out construction work and was supplying its cement in the Bolognetta area without being in possession of the necessary mafia authorizations: Stefano Polizzi, top of the mafia family of Bolognetta, should have physically prevented that businessman’s trucks from entering both his own territory and that of the Municipality of Marineo, making sure that, from that moment on, the construction companies would have had to opt for other companies for the cement supply;
  • exemption from payment of lace of a baker who had recently suffered a serious family mourning;
  • the authorization requested by Domenico Nocilla, a man of honor linked to Sciarabba, to take over a business where his children can work;
  • the opportunity to infiltrate the misilmerese municipal administration. In particular, Nocilla proposed to the regent of the mandate to support, well in advance, a person of their trust to be placed at the head of a civic list, disconnected from party logic, made up of specially selected people, capable of directing the choices of the administration in favor of the consortium. The proposal met the acceptance of Sciarabba who, however, invited his interlocutor to talk about it later, since there were still three years to the 2020 municipal elections. This project did not become executive thanks to the arrest of the suspect of crime committed against them in December 2018 (operation “Cupola 2.0).

The investigative activity also allowed to punctually reconstruct:

  • an extortion request of € 12,000 to the detriment of a construction company, engaged in the construction of a building in Misilmeri, perpetrated by Salvatore Sciarabba, Giuseppe Bonanno said “Andrew“And the elderly man of honor Vincenzo Sucato; the latter, restricted to the prison in Bologna following the execution of “Dome 2.0”, Died on 02 April 2020 due to Covid_19 (first case of death in prison in Italy);
  • a horse back for a truck and an excavator stolen from a businessman tied to the mafia mandate of San Mauro Castelverde. In particular, the entrepreneur, in order to regain his own means of work, resorted to the intermediation of various Mafia exponents who, against an initial request of € 8,000, were able to decrease the figure, demanding and obtaining a refund of € 2,800. .

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