Made in Italy masks at Lidl at 0.99 and Coop with branded ones


Lil masksFrom Monday 18 May filter masks are now available in all Lidl points of sale, now millions of consumers use them every day, 100% made in Italy and packaged with 3 layers of non-woven fabric (TNT). The price proposed to the public is € 9.99 for a pack of 10 pieces. In this way, the supermarket chain, which can count on over 650 points of sale throughout the country, adheres to the plan of Confindustria Moda, CNA Federmoda and Sportello Amianto Nazionale for the support of the textile-fashion supply chain, one of the sectors most affected by the ‘Coronavirus emergency.

It’s from a week ago, instead, the Coop press release advising of the arrival of Coop brand disposable surgical masks in the stores. The masks are sold in packs of ten, classified as a class 1 type 2 medical device (filtration index above 98%), they are composed of three layers, CE certified and sold at the final price for members and consumers of 0.50 euros each. The shape and the presence of elastic bands allow the consumer comfort and wearability. They meet all the requirements for a branded product on which the Coop technical staff supervises the necessary checks. The procurement channel is the same activated since the start of the lockdown thanks to the Coop Far East branch.

The packaging of the Coop masks

For these masks Coop employs a qualified manufacturer who has invested in the production and control machinery necessary to adapt to the standards required for a branded product. In the last two months in the midst of a pandemic, sales at the points of sale of this medical center have jumped to + 1160% compared to the same period of a year ago and show no sign of decreasing, so much so that the real problem is maintaining the continuity of supplies.

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