Maddalena Corvaglia, crisis with her boyfriend continues: Canalis? Chapter closed


Maddalena Corvaglia today between the crisis with her boyfriend Alessandro and the end of the friendship with Elisabetta Canalis

Those who keep silent agree and in the last period Maddalena Corvaglia has always been silent. For weeks gossip has been circulating about an alleged crisis between the ex Velina di Striscia the news and the new boyfriend Alessandro but the Apulian soubrette has never denied or confirmed. The same attitude also from the property developer who only last January did everything possible to organize a sparkling surprise birthday party for his girlfriend (or maybe we should say ex?). According to the well-informed, the negative moment would have started due to the pandemic: the quarantine kept Maddalena and Alessandro away and this distance would have adversely affected the relationship.

Maddalena Corvaglia and Alessandro continue to follow each other on Instagram but …

To date, despite gossip, Maddalena Corvaglia and her boyfriend Alessandro continue to follow each other on social networks and in particular on Instagram. But compared to a time the couple photos and the romantic dedications are gone, a sign that there is something strange. Maddy prefers to post shots that portray her doing sports or pampering her daughter Jaime, who had her ex-husband Stef Burns. Is the Apulian host just trying to understand the situation well before making definitive announcements? All that remains is to wait … Meanwhile, the end of twenty years of friendship with Elisabetta Canalis seems certain. In this case too, Corvaglia preferred to remain silent while the former blackberry Velina was much clearer on the matter.

Because Elisabetta Canalis and Maddalena Corvaglia quarreled

“If there is hope to see us united again? I am of the sign of the Virgin and it takes me a while to metabolize the pain. I love unconditionally, but I can raise walls that are difficult to knock downElisabetta Canalis recently declared. The reasons for the break with Maddalena Corvaglia have never been disclosed but it seems that they are mainly related to a business issue. The two ex-friends had in fact become members: they had opened a gym in Los Angeles which they then managed.

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