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TORINO. «Ma’am, the mask is mandatory. Without it he cannot go up ». It was these words that sparked the rumble at the bus stop in Corso Lecce, where yesterday morning, Friday 29 May, a couple attacked the driver of bus 71. The woman, a 42-year-old Italian, had just got on on the vehicle together with her 44-year-old husband, when the driver asked her to wear the mask as required by the anti-contagion rules. “If you don’t follow the instructions, I am forced to drop it,” explained the employee Gtt. The couple started insulting her and threatening her. “Either resume the race or we’ll split everything.” At that point, the 42-year-old punched the dividing wall of the driver’s seat. And the husband, with a kick, broke the chain that divides the passenger area from that of the driver. A boy who witnessed the scene managed to get the couple off the bus.

Even a knife
The man took a switchblade knife from a purse and started scratching the glass on the driver’s side. The driver tried to get away and the 42-year-old threw them against a large stone grabbed from the ground. The couple, already known to the police, were arrested by agents of the Madonna di Campagna police station for threats to public officials, resistance, damage and reported for interruption of public service. In the man’s purse, also reported for the illegal port of arms, the policemen also found a metal chain of about one meter. The investigations revealed that the 42-year-old had already been the protagonist of a similar episode in October 2019.

The knife used during the attack on the bus

The knife used during the attack on the bus

The harsh sentence of the mayor Appendino
The mayor Chiara Appendino condemned the incident with a post: “A shameful episode to which the firmest condemnation goes. As well as my and the whole City of Turin’s solidarity with the employee involved.
The moment is difficult for everyone, but in no case are such criminal reactions tolerable. Finally, thanks to the citizen who spoke ».

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