MacOS 10.15.5 update available with new function to check battery status in laptops


Apple has released the final version of the update that brings macOS Catalina to the version 10.15.5. This update comes 64 days after the update arrives at version 10.15.4 and seven months after the official presentation of the new system.

Apple explains that the update to macOS 10.15.5 (build 19F96) “improves the stability, reliability and performance of the Mac and is recommended for all users”. macOS Catalina 10.15.5 introduces battery status management in the Energy Saver settings of laptops, an option to control the automatic close-up of video windows in group FaceTime calls and controls to accurately adjust the built-in calibration of Pro Display XDR. In detail:

Battery status management

• Battery status management to help you maximize battery life on portable Macs.
• The Energy Saver preferences panel now shows the condition of the battery and indicates whether it is advisable to request assistance.
• Option to disable battery status management.

MacOS 10.15.5 update available with new function to check battery status in laptops

Preference for automatic close-up in FaceTime

• Option to control automatic foreground during group FaceTime calls and to ensure that video frames do not change in size when a participant speaks.

Accurate adjustment of Pro Display XDR calibration

• Controls to accurately adjust the built-in calibration of Pro Display XDR by setting the white point and luminance to perfectly suit your needs.

The update also includes troubleshooting and other improvements:

• Fixed an issue that could prevent Reminders from sending notifications for periodic reminders.
• Fixed a problem that could prevent password entry on the login screen.
• Fixed an issue where System Preferences could continue to display a notification badge even after installing an update.
• Fixed an issue that could prevent detection of the integrated camera when trying to use it after using a video conferencing app.
• Fixed an issue with Macs with Apple T2 security chips where internal speakers may not appear as an audio output device in Sound preferences.
• Fixed a stability issue with uploading and downloading media files from the iCloud photo library while the Mac is sleeping.
• Fixed a stability issue when transferring large amounts of data to RAID volumes.
• Fixed an issue where the “Reduce Motion” option in the Accessibility preferences did not reduce the speed of animations in group FaceTime calls.

MacOS 10.15.5 update available

Besides that as an update to download by selecting “Software update” from the specific section in System Preferences, the update to macOS 10.15.5 is also available as a separate download from the Apple website in a “combo” version (convenient option to update multiple Macs, without having to start downloading the update on multiple machines)

macOS Catalina is available as a free software update for Macs produced since mid 2012.

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