Lyon, Rongoni: “I hope that Juventus lose the Scudetto, then the coup de grace”


TORINO – “My dream is that the Lazio bring the Scudetto home, which the day after the Juve must play the passage of the round having lost the title, that there is a huge mess inside the black and white team and that we give it the coup de grace“. These are the words of Paolo Rongoni, athletic trainer of the Lyon. Rudi’s collaborator Garcia, with a past in Rome and Lazio (at the time of Petkovic), at the microphones of Radio Incontro Olympia explained the difficulties in preparing the return challenge in Champions League against the formation of Sarri: “They will definitely come in better condition after 12 games, the only thing that could benefit us is that things are not going well in the Juve home. This would create an internal tsunami. It’s the only way to get a few more chances: us we are also struggling to organize friendlies since the government has also banned matches. Right now to play we should go to Qatar, or at least abroad. It becomes a logistical problem to confront them, this is the main obstacle“.

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