Lyon, Aulas: “Scandalous the stop at Ligue 1, we are idiots” | News


Jean-Michel Aulas has always been among the most opposed to early stop of Ligue 1 and, given the news of the next La Liga restart, it is not surprising to imagine his anger: “Paradoxical that a country more affected by Covid-19 like Spain has found answers to restart while France hasn’t. Our leaders participated in the assembly of Federations and instead found different answers: we are really idiots“.

The president of Lyon does not mince words in the interview with L’Equipe: “UEFA had asked for patience, it even went so far as to issue a health protocol which, however, France has not even looked at. This is an absolute scandal“. Then a reference to the Champions League match against Juventus: “We will introduce ourselves with both feet tied and the severed head to face them. They will have started playing again since the end of June. ”

Aulas continues its battle against the federal leaders and in fact tomorrow will appeal to the Council of State to cancel the Ligue 1 stop: with the classification of the 2019/20 season frozen, Lyon – having seen seventh place – was ousted from the upcoming European cups.

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