Lufthansa: “impossible” to approve the 9 billion bailout. EU conditions weigh down – La Stampa


Lufthansa’s supervisory board “is unable to approve” the rescue plan for the German government’s airline “in light of EU conditions”. This is what is read in a note from Lufthansa, specifying that in any case the supervisory board continues to believe that the plan is “the only possible alternative for maintaining solvency” and the decision is postponed. Today the airline’s supervisory board was called upon to rule on the deal for a 9 billion German federal government support plan.

In examining the plan, the board took note of the conditions set by the EU Commission and came to the conclusion that these would lead to a “weakening” of the hub functions of the domestic airports in Frankfurt and Munich. “The economic impact that would result on society and on the expected reimbursement of the stabilization measures, as well as the possible alternative scenarios, must be analyzed in depth.” In this context, the extraordinary shareholders’ meeting has not shareholders, last step for the green light to the plan.

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