The stadium, Florence yes Florence no, the future of Commisso, the economic and market-related one. In the days when Fiorentina, like the other teams, are waiting to have the official dates of the second half in Serie A, these are the main topics on the agenda, to animate the debate of the purple people. To get some answers and explanations, has contacted exclusive the former general manager lily Fabrizio Lucchesi.

Lucchesi, how important is it to have a new stadium?

“In today’s football, in order for the company to be sustainable, and to give the size that a square like Florence deserves, the stadium is fundamental, because it provides alternative sources of revenue in times when there are no longer large owner families. at national level there is a dispute over whether or not to maintain historic systems, even if these are now little, even if it seems that the government wants to lower the bar a little “.

How does it stand, inside or outside the Municipality of Florence?

“Doing it beyond or on this side of the Arno does not change much. It would be better in Florence, of course, but why not do it a little outside? It was a different context, you see New York, all right, but this is not a problem: the neighboring municipalities are part of the Florentine territory. The important thing is that they do it, without too much chatter. In this Commission, it seems determined to me “.

The indiscretion why would you be willing to leave as you judge it?

“I read it as a provocation. Right. New business models are needed, I really don’t think that in the short to medium term he wants to leave, but I would not lull ourselves too much on this thing. Do you think that the Della Valle, among the most important families of Italy, they are tired of putting money to lose … It is one thing to help development, another is to support it. Modern stadiums are needed, with related economic and commercial activities “.

Speaking of sustainability: will the next transfer market really be trade-based? And what will Fiorentina have invested so much in view of the summer?

“When there are certain contractions, the market is affected. Of course 100 million in Florence have a different weight than a Real Madrid or Juventus, but I expect some investment anyway. I believe that, beyond the exchanges, we will have who After all, not having already sold Chiesa last summer is a bit like putting 50 million on the plate, and today I see Fiorentina in the middle of the ford: getting wet to get wet, at this point it is better to try to go on ” .

He named Church: what do you expect from his future?

“Just to value it as they are doing, always saying that they don’t sell it: I am convinced, however, that if an offer arrives to satisfy everyone, it can leave. True, today you would take less than a year ago, but the same goes for any new purchases. less. If they find the right solution in my opinion it will go away, or rather it would be the more normal end. ”

In conclusion, would Lucchesi take Gotze?

“Without a doubt he is a good player, however there must be a technical-tactical logic behind a purchase. This can only be known by the managers of Fiorentina”.



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