Luca Palamara, the laity of the League file the file on magistrates against Matteo Salvini to the CSM – Libero Quotidiano


At the request of the laity of the League, Emanuele Basile is Stefano Cavanna, the file on magistrates exchanging messages against was opened at the Superior Council of the judiciary Matteo Salvini. The case is now known, it is the investigation that sees the protagonist Luca Palamaranow accused of corruption. The magistrate and president of the ANM, in his interceptions, spoke with various togati defining the leader of the Carroccio a mer ** a.

But not only that, because Palamara urged the magistrates to turn against Salvini even if he was right. A case that caused a sensation – as reported The truth – to request an investigation, at the hands of the presidential committee, by the two directors. Palamara not only had uncomfortable conversations with colleagues, but also with well-known personalities from the entertainment, football and politics sectors. All this thus raised a media fuss about the judiciary, discovering the worst altars.

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