Luca Palamara intercepted with Luigi De Ficchy, the “remote controlled and influenceable” magistrate who investigated him – Libero Quotidiano


Among those who communicated with Luca Palamara, both through the Whatsapp application and through voice calls, there was also the prosecutor of Perugia, Luigi De Ficchy. The latter, until June 2019, also conducted an investigation into the Palamara prosecutor. In a telephone interception dating back to 16 May 2016 – reveals La Verità -, Palamara labels De Ficchy as a “remote controlled” as well as “influenceable” because of his alleged relationships with some characters involved in various investigations.

Contacts between Palamara and De Ficchy continue until June 15. The prosecutor from Perugia replies that he does not remember the times and that in any case “this does not mean anything”. When asked why he had such intense relationships with Palamara, De Ficchy replied that “he was a colleague, it is normal that there were conversations. He had relationships with the whole world. In some offices it is normal. Now this too becomes a problem? “. Regarding the alleged chat about the Perugia investigation, De Ficchy loses patience:” He was certainly not informed by me. Forgive me, let’s close this conversation, you talk to De Ficchy, if you remember. “

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