Lorentini to CM: ‘My father hero of Heysel, died saving a child. Juve? He could do more ‘| First page


Roberto Lorentini he had escaped. He was a doctor, the Juventus player was the right one: “He was not an avid fan, he liked to make some trips with his cousins ​​to see the cities. He had also been in Basel for the Cup Winners’ Cup final”. That damned May 29, 1985 was in Brussels, Heysel stadium. He had managed to escape the tragedy. Then he turned, Andrea Casula, 11, needed help. Roberto ran to meet him, and they both ended up buried by the bedlam: “As a doctor he felt like helping out, serving others to the last”. The son Andrea he was 3 years old, and he doesn’t remember anything about that day. Today, 35 years later, he told a Ilbianconero.com that tragedy seen through the eyes of an adult who will always fight to remember the memory of his father.How much does it hurt you to remember this tragedy every year?

“It is a wound that will never heal. Every year, when it comes to this anniversary, it is always a moment of particular suffering. Me and the other family members of the victims of Heysel try to make sense of a situation in which It’s hard to find it. I will never accept having lost a loved one for a football match: it should have been a playful moment, it has become a massacre. We try to keep their memory alive through some initiatives “.


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