Lombardy, the weekend decides whether to reopen. Boccia sees Fontana


The data on the trend of the epidemic of these days, including those of tomorrow, will determine the “yes” or “no” to freedom of movement to and from Lombardy (and probably also Piedmont and Liguria) starting from June 3rd. This is the main decision taken at the end of a meeting held in Milan between the Minister of Regional Affairs, Francesco Boccia, and the President of the Lombardy Region, Attilio Fontana. That the decision is complicated also reveals the data on the new infections spread yesterday. Out of the total of almost 400 new infections, 299 concern Lombardy (159); Piedmont (86) and Liguria (53). The profile of the latter region is very delicate, with just 1.5 million inhabitants compared to 10 million in Lombardy, but which yesterday – as in recent days – recorded a number of new infections equal to about a third of those from Lombardy.

However, the game of reopening mainly concerns Milan, it is clear. And it is a very thorny game also for the obvious political parties since Lombardy is led by a League president while Piedmont and Liguria are also center-right but entrusted to presidents of Forza Italia (the Piedmontese Cirio) or who have left Forza Italia recently (the Ligurian Toti).

The meeting between Boccia and Fontana has been defined by both as “useful and positive”. “We talked in general terms about the situation in Lombardy and the whole country – Boccia and Fontana explained by mutual agreement – and we shared how important it is not to let down our guard. The efforts made by the Lombards and the Italians have been great and cannot be nullified “.

“We cannot and must not afford imprudent behaviors that risk nullifying the work that has been done, the great determination of most of the Lombard citizens who have accepted to suffer limitations on their freedom”: this is what the president of Lombardy Attilio Fontana said during a live broadcast on social media. “We cannot waste the sacrifice made for absolutely imprudent acts – he added – We remain attentive and concentrated and make sure that this battle ends definitively in our favor”.

The mayor of Milan Beppe Sala also had his say on the subject: «Let us know as soon as possible when we can leave the regional borders. Right now there is a desire to go out and I ask the government not to tell us the day before. ” So Sala in an interview with Tg3. “Don’t tell us the day before if it doesn’t reopen, which I don’t hope. The second thing I ask the government is based on what parameters will be decided? – concluded Sala -. I am always transparent towards my citizens so that they do not make it rain from above but that they explain it to us because yes or no “.

In the meantime, nursery schools and kindergartens should reopen in Trentino from Monday 8 June. This was announced by the President of the Autonomous Province of Trento, Maurizio Fugatti, specifying that the “Province is working on this objective given the objective stabilization of the infection”. The decision will be left to the parents, added Fugatti who stressed how important these reopenings are to meet the difficulties related to the reconciliation between school and work. Regarding the summer camps, a decision will be made on Friday about their opening.

An appeal not to let down his guard came from Health Minister Roberto Speranza. “A second epidemic wave is feared by all the scientists of the world and those in charge of political decisions cannot underestimate this possibility – the minister said yesterday – We must be ready, for this we have increased the places in intensive care by 115% . We are worried about a second wave and the country must be ready in its entirety. ”

“Today however – said Speranza – our data are not those of the past weeks, we are still in a phase in which we need the utmost caution and caution but it is certainly true that the numbers we are dealing with are more content. The day before yesterday, for example, we had 300 positive cases. There were days in March when there were 5-6,000 more cases per day. Today we have numbers that are 15-20 times smaller than in the past ».

For Speranza: “The swabs, which we have made in very significant numbers in Italy, must be made even in the shortest possible time and this allows us to be faster in tracking and isolating the positives”.

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