“Lombardy Region made no mistakes”


Fontana: Lombardy Region made no mistakes

No mistake by the Lombardy Region in the management of the coronavirus emergency. The failure to establish a red zone in the Municipalities of Nembro and Alzano Lombardo was a mistake “which cannot be disputed”, says the president of the Lombardy Region, Attilio Fontana, in an interview with Repubblica. “During the week from 4 to 7 March there were several talks with the Minister Speranza and with the President of the Conte Council. Carabinieri and soldiers also arrived in the Bergamo area, then I don’t know what happened. Instead of the red area that we asked for, the orange zone throughout Lombardy “.

The Councilor for Welfare of the Lombardy Region, Giulio Gallera, “made a mistake” in claiming that the Region could have established it. “There is a legal assessment by Sabino Cassese, who speaks of initiative in the hands of the government and this approach has been confirmed by the directive of the interior minister to the prefects,” continues Fontana.

No mistake even in the regional ordinance requesting the transfer of Covid patients to the RSA. “Only 15 structures out of the 708 in Lombardy have joined our request. It is now known that blood tests, performed with Avis, tell how the virus was already circulating in January. In any case, if there was a precise protocol for the RSA, where did we go wrong? “. And to the question about the transfer to Pio Albergo Trivulzio of people discharged from the Sesto San Giovanni Fontana hospital, he replies that “the Pat is a large structure and these patients have gone to one of the many wards”.

And on the mistakes made to Pat Fontana he explains that “of the regional and municipal commissions are former magistrates such as Giovanni Canzio and Gherardo Colombo, I await the outcome of their investigation”. The President of the Region says he does not know the President of the Pat, Giuseppe Calicchio, “never mentioned, but Covid patients have not been sent there by the Region and it can be ascertained”. The supplies of masks, swabs and reagents “are the exclusive competence of the state. We have asked for security measures from the first day, the government has sought and has not found”.

No mistake even in the setting up of the Covid hospital at the Fiera di Milano. “Absolutely not. Our crisis unit claimed that we needed to find a solution, we had a doctor in tears who said ‘Intensive care places will end soon.’ It was made with funds donated by private individuals, we have all the reports. Despite Germany have six times our places in intensive care, Berlin has organized a similar hospital. Will they be stupid too? “.

For Fontana, this is not an acquittal of crisis management by the Region “but I ask the critics a question. Why has the province of Piacenza, which is part of another region, suffered proportionately worse damage than ours? Because of their president Bonaccini? Or because Piacenza is close to Codogno and the epicenter of the pandemic? If I go to Varese, Como, Sondrio and Mantua, which are in Lombardy, I find very little contagion “.

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