Lombardy, Gallera on the red zone in Alzano and Nembro: I didn’t know we could close


entered the Public Prosecutor’s Office a Bergamo as a person informed of the facts by declaring himself not worried. He came out three and a half hours later avoiding the meeting with journalists and with the deputy mayor of the small town of Valbondione (upper Val Seriana) Walter Semperboni, who lost his father and wanted a confrontation with him.

To the pool of magistrates investigating for culpable epidemic in the territory most tortured by the coronavirus (which the Corriere told us about here), the assessor Giulio Gallera It reaffirmed: We waited for Rome, until the beginning of March we had always agreed with the government on those types of measures.

that one of the main interest topics of the Prosecutor’s Office, the failure to establish the red zone in Nembro and Alzano, which was taken in Codogno 24 hours after the discovery of patient 1.

The commissioner confirmed to prosecutors that all the indices of the infection, as of February 23 and in the days immediately following, were very high in that area. The magistrates have acquired news, which Gallera would have confirmed, that the vast majority of patients with suspected symptoms hospitalized in Alzano already in mid-February were resident precisely in Nembro, the neighboring country. And he himself, the commissioner, specified of having verified, some time later, that the Region could also proceed with the closure on its own initiative. But at that stage we had always been in contact with the executive and the Higher Institute of Health.

This is the substance of his statements, while nothing emerges from the answers given regarding the presumed pressure from the economic world against the closure of the Val Seriana, where companies with important turnover are concentrated.

A topic that the magistrates want to investigate because a call from the Prosecutor’s office also reached Marco Bonometti, regional president of Confindustria, which between the end of February and the middle of March had interfaced directly with the Region, making use of the line of company closure but only on a voluntary basis. The prosecutors would have liked to meet him today, but Bonometti explained I am in hospital, for now I know they have looked for me.

The other two fronts instead touched by the prosecutor with the commissioner were too many deaths in the RSA (Gallera specified that there were protocols to be respected) and the closure of the hospital in Alzano on February 23, which lasted only a few hours, unlike Codogno. The commissioner reiterated that he had received reassurance on sanitation, at that stage, from the hospital, explaining that the hospital could remain open to cope with the emergency. Today, in the Prosecutor’s Office, it will be the day of the Lombard president Attilio Fontana.

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