Lombardy, Gallera from Bergamo prosecutors: “We waited for the government in the red zone”. Today is Fontana’s turn


The establishment of the red zone in the first days of March which was to isolate Nembro and Alzano Lombardo, the two municipalities of the Bergamo area where the second major coronavirus outbreak in Lombardy had been identified, was “peaceful” that it was a decision that “was up to the government, “since the army had already been dispatched. This is what the Lombard governor would have said Attilio Fontana heard today for about two hours in the prosecutor’s office in Bergamo. Statements in line with those of the Welfare Councilor Giulio Gallera he too was summoned as a person informed of the facts: yesterday was the turn of Gallera, heard for more than three hours as a person informed of the facts by the prosecutors of Bergamo investigating the culpable epidemic on the reopening of the emergency room of the Alzano Lombardo hospital and on the alleged irregularities in the management of Covid patients, on the deaths in the Rsa and who are carrying out insights into the failure to establish a red zone in the Bergamo area.Today for more than two hours it fell to the governor Attilio Fontana, convened in the same capacity by the prosecutor who is trying to clarify all the doubts about the management of the coronavirus epidemic in one of the most affected territories. Fontana this morning would have also provided, from what has been learned, clarifications on the case of the emergency room of the hospital of Alzano and denied having received “pressure” from the business world always on the failure to create a red zone. In addition, he was asked questions about regional resolutions relating to RSA.
A protest garrison of about twenty people took place while the governor was in the prosecutor’s office. Among the waved signs also one with his photo while wearing a mask and the writing: “Fountain responsible for the massacre”. Fontana left the prosecutor’s building manned by law enforcement, with police officers from the police station in riot gear to keep protesters at a distance, including some unionists and some antagonists, who shouted at him as “resign” and “shame on you”.Attack the League leader Matteo Salvini: “Shameful to summon Fontana”. And soon it will be heard too Marco Bonometti, president of Confindustria Lombardia, convened through the Guardia di Finanza. In the next few hours the date of the hearing with the prosecutors will be set, who also want to clarify the role of the industrial association in the failure to close the Alzano and Nembro area when the epidemic had reached the Bergamo area.



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Coronavirus in Lombardy, Gallera by pm: “On the red zone we waited for government”

Crossing the secondary entrance of the prosecutor’s office, in the late afternoon of yesterday the commissioner explained to those who asked him if he was worried: “No, let’s not joke. We come here to testify. It is a due act. The judiciary is deepening and we we are people who know the facts. We come here to inform. “
Gallera’s deposition, which took place before the acting prosecutor Maria Cristina Rota and the pm Silvia Marchina is Paolo Mandurino, covered all three issues that ended under the magnifying glass of the Bergamo judiciary. The commissioner left the prosecution around 20.15. To the prosecutors Gallera would have explained that on the institution of the red zone which was to isolate Nembro and Alzano Lombardo, the two municipalities where the second important coronavirus outbreak in Lombardy had been identified in early March, the Region “expected” that the Government.


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Gallera would have said, as he has always publicly stated, that he expected the executive to intervene in the days of the first week of March, in full alarm. When it already seemed that the red zone was about to be established, Rome’s decision to transform all of Lombardy and provinces of other regions into an ‘orange’ zone came. The commissioner on the point would also have affirmed, substantially reiterating what has already been said in some interviews, that the Region did not proceed because when the army trucks arrived on the 5th, it was convinced the government proceeded. Weeks later, Gallera later said in an interview, it was realized that there was a law that also allowed the Region to proceed with the creation of the red zone in the Bergamo area.



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Coronavirus in Lombardy, the deputy mayor attacks Gallera: “He must go”

“I tell Councilor Gallera and President Fontana that my dad also sleeps soundly. Unfortunately for their inability and not for the virus he never wakes up”. It is the outburst of Walter Semperboni, deputy mayor of the center-right of Valbondione, a town in the Val Seriana who waited in front of the prosecutor’s office in Bergamo wearing the Italian flag on the councilor for welfare Giulio Gallera to tell him that “he must leave”. Semperboni would have liked to speak to Gallera who “never answered my phone call”. To journalists, he then told the tragic story of his patient father Covid-19 at the hospital of Piario, in the Bergamo area: “I had the misfortune of bringing my dad there. Everyone talks about Alzano but in Piario on March 1st, no one between nurses and doctors wore a mask and gloves. ” The deputy mayor also explained that in those days in the Valseriana health center “the situation was unsustainable. In the emergency room one day we would have been 200. We were all crowded”. From the surgery pavilion “where Covid patients put, my dad called me saying ‘they are killing me'”. Semperboni continued that “I do not ask politicians that my father should recover but that he could die with dignity”. “As a free administrator I say that from North to South we have incapable politicians – he concluded -. Gallera should go and Fontana should not allow himself to say that he sleeps soundly.” But the commissioner came out of another entrance of the prosecutor.

Coronavirus in Lombardy, convened by the prosecutor the president of Confindustria Bonometti

The prosecutor of Bergamo is investigating the failure to close the emergency room of the Alzano Lombardo hospital, the deaths in the RSA and is investigating the failure to establish a red zone that should have affected the municipalities of Alzano and Nembro. And this will presumably be the theme of Bonometti’s hearing. In an interview some time ago, the president of Confindustria lombardia said: “In the meetings we had between late February and early March, the Region has always agreed with us in not considering useful, but rather harmful , a possible red area on the Codogno model to close the municipalities of Alzano and Nembro “. In the past few weeks, the Director General of Health Luigi Cajazzo had also been heard, who had recorded, among other things, that the decision to reopen Alzano’s emergency room on February 23, after ascertaining the first two cases of Coronavirus, it had been “taken in agreement with the general management of the Asst of Bergamo Est”, as it had been assured that it was “all right”: the premises sanitized and prepared “separate Covid and no Covid routes”.

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