Lombardy, commission of inquiry on coronavirus, mocked the Democratic Party: Renzian presidency with center-right votes


Renziana was elected by surprise Patrizia Baffi, with the votes of the center-right, instead of the Democratic Party Jacopo Scandella. It is she who will lead the committee of inquiry of the Lombardy Regional Council wanted by the center-left opposition to investigate the management of the Covid-19 emergency. The ex dem Baffi, who is now part of the mixed group, only this morning lifted the reservation on his candidacy. It took 46 preferences out of 79 voters. But her election unleashed the wrath of the Democratic Party and the M5s asking her to give up her job, to “take a step back”, simply because as an opposition leader “the president cannot do with the majority votes “. This is what the group leader, Fabio Pizzul, observed in the classroom. And the grillino Dario Violi added: “A councilor who agrees to be elected without a single minority vote is evidently accepting a majority role”. In any case, both the Democratic Party and the Cinquestelle have no intention of taking part in the commission. And they do not rule out, by studying the possible procedural ways, to set up another one. Even the national coordinator of Italia viva, Ettore Rosato, invites her to take a step back: “We don’t need armchairs, he says, let’s leave them to the Democratic Party”. But Baffi has no intention of giving up. Indeed, considering herself a “guarantee president”, in the note released after the election, she already enters into the merits of the work to be done. “I believe that this commission – declares Baffi – represents a great opportunity for the Lombardy Region to help carry out a self-diagnosis that helps us define and identify an effective cure. I therefore hope that we can identify and define contributions and addresses to overcome the shortcomings and problems. that have been in the regional system. “


Open Arms, Giunta says no to Salvini’s trial. Italia Viva does not participate in the vote. A dissident and an ex 5S are decisive

The candidate of Pd and Cinquestelle, Scandella, only took 28 of preferences. Three less than the total number of votes of the minority who by regulation is responsible for indicating the candidate for the presidency. The center-left, however, has indicated three, the dem Jacopo Scandella, Michele Usuelli di + Europa and precisely Renziana Baffi. In this way Lega and Forza Italia who had declared that they would not support a candidate of the Democratic Party have chosen to support Baffi. Coincidentally on the day when the votes of Italia Viva were among those decisive for the no of the junta for the Parliament elections in the trial against Matteo Salvini on the Open Arms case.


Coronavirus in Lombardy, Pd’s no-confidence motion against Gallera rejected but Italia viva does not participate in the vote

At the time of the vote on the vice presidency, the dems and the grillini staged a protest and abandoned the commission. Why the Baffi – who on his Instagram profile had published a photo with the President Fontana writing: “Dear President Fontana, we trust you, help us get out of here”, with a red heart included – and radical Usuelli had not voted on the motion of no confidence that the center-left had presented a week ago against the Lombard Welfare Councilor, Giulio Gallera, proposal later rejected by the classroom of the Lombardy Regional Council. Indeed, Baffi did not participate in the vote, while Usuelli abstained.


Coronavirus, the commission on the management of the emergency in Lombardy remains at stake: the nomination is skipped

The possibility of a “turnaround” was in the air after two black smokes in the first two sessions of the commission. For the main opposition party in Lombardy this is the second setback in a few weeks on the delicate issue of managing the Covid-19 epidemic. Vice-chairman of the commission of inquiry was finally elected to the force Mauro Piazza while Elisabetta Strada she was elected secretary councilor.

The protest of the group leader dem: “For us the commission ends here”

“As far as we are concerned, the commission ends here,” says the leader of the Democratic Party in the Lombardy Region, Fabio Pizzul. “What happened in the commission of inquiry – he continues – is very serious and demonstrates all the fear of the majority in the Lombardy Region for the errors made by the regional council in the management of the emergency. The league and allies wanted to choose for themselves a presidency of comfortable, and sorry that the colleague of Italia Viva has lent itself to this game, behind the screen of a third party that is given by the rules. As far as we are concerned, the commission ends here “.

Rosato (Iv): “Patrizia take a step back, we leave the armchairs to the Democratic Party”

The national coordinator of Italia viva, Ettore Rosato, also invites Patrizia Baffi to take a step back. But he says by launching an attack on the Democratic Party: “Patrizia Baffi would be an excellent president of the Commission of Inquiry on Lombard health, for her competence and personal history. Shameful exploitation by the Democratic Party that imposes clear choices. We invite Patrizia to resign. A we don’t need armchairs, let’s leave them to the Democratic Party “.

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