Lombardy at risk? Who will reopen from June 3


The displacements between regions will be allowed by 3 June, but the reopenings will take place at “different speeds agreed with the governors”, based on the trend of the epidemiological curve and the contagion index.

The decisive date, when we will know which regions will first open their borders, how and who will be able to move freely, should be Friday 29 May, when the weekly report of the contagion situation.

At the moment the most popular hypothesis is one staggered reopening, “Leopard spots”, with some regions such as Lombardy is Piedmont (and maybe Emilia Romagna) which could allow journeys of 1-2 weeks late compared to Southern Italy. Here all the updates and all the useful news.

Movements between regions from June 3: Lombardy at risk?

The text of the reopening decree passed by the Government establishes that: “From June 3, 2020, travel on the national territory can only be limited with measures adopted pursuant to article 2 of the law decree of March 25, 2020, no. 19, in relation to specific areas of the national territory, according to principles of adequacy and proportionality to the epidemiological risk actually present in these areas. ”

This means that from 3 June it is decided that regional borders will reopen, and whoever wants to impose limitations and blockages for some areas (not necessarily for entire regions) will be able to do so, but only for proven reasons.

The epidemiological situation, however, currently bodes well. L’contagion index is falling everywhere in Italy, and slightly even in Italy Lombardy, the special surveillance and the one most at risk reopening due to the fears of Central and Southern Italy.

On Friday morning the Ministry of Health will communicate the results of the monitoring assigning the risk level to each region. On the basis of the numbers of sick, healed, dead, tampons carried out and the situation of the health structures it will be possible to outline the reopening framework.

The South is threatening to block arrivals

Sardinia is Sardinia, who said they were ready to welcome tourists but with all the necessary protections, they called for the introduction of a health passport to certify coronavirus negativity for those arriving. Contrary to the proposal, the Government as well as the Northern Regions since “an immunity license cannot exist scientifically”.

The possibility that the northern regions that have had the most infections could reopen the borders on June 3 frighten the South. Campania is Puglia they could issue ordinances to close the borders to contrast those arriving from Lombardy, Piedmont, Veneto and Emilia Romagna or in any case from all areas where there are new infections and the circulation of the virus is still active.

How we will move between regions

The new decree prohibits travel from region to region until 2 June except for proven reasons of work and health or absolute emergency, both with private and public means. It should also be remembered that interregional travel is still possible if you are returning to your home, home or residence.

Waiting for official news, we can imagine that from June 3 will be allowed to move outside the region not only for proven work needs, health reasons, absolute urgencies or special needs, but also for tourism is to visit friends and relatives who live in another region, without obligation of self-certification.

Furthermore, from June 3, Italy will open the borders with the EU Member States and with those of the Schengen area. A significant step forward towards normality, but there are still several issues to be resolved.

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