Lombard health, M5S-Lega fight in Parliament. Salvini calls Mattarella


Lombard health, M5S-Lega fight in Parliament. Salvini calls Mattarella

The Lombardy model and in particular health management becomes a case in Parliament. Brawl in the Montecitorio classroom (with a close fight) between deputies of the League and the Five Star Movement, and then a few hours later, tension also in Palazzo Madama between League senators and representatives of the majority. To make Matteo Salvini’s party rise and then to follow the whole center-right are the words of the pentastellato Riccardo Ricciardi. The deputy, who takes the floor after Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte’s intervention on the measures to combat Coronavirus, attacks the top of the Pirellone with his head down: «The model was a failure – accusation – in these years 25 thousand beds have been cut in the public hospitals giving money to private clinics. We don’t accept lessons. ”

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Demonstration June 2, the center-right thinks about it: risk gatherings and political doubts, will take place in July

Words that provoke chaos and protests from the League benches with the shout of “jester, jester” so much so that the president of the Fico Chamber must suspend the session for a few minutes. Even the Prime Minister is unable to restore calm, clearing the field of accusations of a possible “direction” behind Ricciardi’s words: “Each member of Parliament expresses his or her opinions. It never happened that I was given an intervention »before. The head of government then wants to be even clearer: “To say that I shared or instigated, is something that speaks for itself”, is the direct reply to Giorgia Meloni who spoke of “a precise strategy of the majority” behind the intervention of the exponent 5s. Forza Italia increases the dose.

Phase 2, Salvini: «Italians without protection». And Meloni quotes Fantozzi

The group leader Maria Stella Gelmini invites Conte to “distance oneself and thus avoid an institutional confrontation with the Regions”. But it is among the former allies of government, the League and the Movement, that big words fly. Salvini, who invites the Cinquestelle “to rinse his mouth before speaking” and who in the evening goes so far as to call the Head of State Sergio Mattarella to express “his amazement” and his ” bitterness for the heavy attacks of some majority MPs against Lombardy hard hit by the Covid-19 tragedy ». Even the Lombard governor, Attilio Fontana, defends himself and counterattacks: “The fake news that I read and hear continuously, today even in the Senate, produced and sponsored for political opportunism and attack on Lombardy, are dangerous”, he writes on his Facebook page where , regarding the hospital set up at the Fair, warns: «To make believe that the emergency has disappeared and that this hospital can be dismantled tomorrow, brings with it the danger of a premature total return to normal, the illusion of being left behind this bad experience and now being able to do anything. It is not so”.

Reopening beaches, Emilia Romagna anticipates them but the discos remain closed

Phase 2, the Navigli restaurant owners in Milan: “People are tired of the lockdown”

However, Ricciardi’s words also make some party colleague mumble: “He used excessive tones,” is the outburst of several Five Star MPs. But the deputy arrives to defend the deputy political leader, Vito Crimi, who speaks without half measures of “epochal failure of Fontana and Gallera” therefore inviting the Northern League to “not whimper”. Who tries to throw water on the fire is Minister Fabiana Dadone: “I have not seen anything atypical – he says – they are scenes that have always been seen inside the parliamentary halls, they are part of the debate, it is right that so”. But the climate is hot. And it proves to be another clash stage: the one between Giorgia Meloni and Maria Elena Boschi on the tears of Bellanova where the President of Fdi speaks of a theatrical blow for the emotion of the minister. And the reply at the turn of the mail of the group leader dem inviting respect for the “personal history of those who spent a life alongside the last”.

Phase 2, here are the Navigli of Milan today at aperitif time

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