Lodi, a man stabs his 80-year-old mother and then kills himself


The tragedy would take place under the eyes of a 70 year old neighbor. The woman, as soon as she heard the screams, would open the door where the two lived and would see Bianchi stabbing her mother. To try to desist it he took the curtain rod who covered the front door and yelled at him to stop. threatened in turn, however, she moved away while he committed suicide.

The unprecedented murderer was owner of a pizzeria in Codogno together with the ex-wife from whom he also had a son and from whom he was less than a year ago separate. For this reason he had gone to live with his 80-year-old mother in the house inside a courtyard in the hamlet of Borghetto Lodigiano.

The old woman, who reported one large and deep neck wound which caused her anhemorrhage profuse, she is hospitalized in private progonosis at San Matteo in Pavia. In the apartment they were found two knives soiled with blood.

The carabinieri already have questioned a number of people including his ex-wife, with whom he appears to have had no friction or disagreements. The military is also checking to see if the 44-year-old had mental disorders which led him to stab his mother and then to commit suicide. According to investigators, the man, despite the crisis due to coronavirus, it did not have a worrying economic situation.

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