Livorno, Yousif arrested? Spinelli: “I fear that the sale of the club will jump” – La Gazzetta dello Sport


The Lebanese businessman, close to the purchase of the Tuscan team, was allegedly arrested in Holland on charges of money laundering involving his car sharing company also present in Italy

If the news arriving from Holland were confirmed, it seriously risks skipping the negotiation for the transfer of ownership of Livorno. There is talk, in fact, of the arrest of the Lebanese businessman Majd Yousif, not yet confirmed (nor denied …) by the Alblasserdam police. The 50-year-old is the man who had almost completed the purchase of the Tuscan club from Aldo Spinelli and would be one of the four people imprisoned in a vast operation that involved the Share’Ngo offices and some dental clinics in the area. Law enforcement officers also allegedly used anti-drug dogs, although the main charge was money laundering. Seized luxury cars, Rolex watches and 268 ammunition.

The official version

At the end of the operation, the police released an official note. “The investigations – reads the statement – began at the beginning of 2019, when the police received information on a car rental company in Alblasserdam (Share’nGo, in fact) that was doing car sharing activities with electric cars which, however, apparently they were never guided. In addition – always according to the accusation – the commercial activities of the company were not completely clear. After an investigation by the Integral Packing Team ConfisQ, it emerged that the origin of the financing of the company was hidden, meaning there were inexplicable activities and suspicious transactions that raised doubts about the financing itself. “

Spinelli’s comment

The news also reached the ears of the president of Livorno, Aldo Spinelli. “I am upset – Spinelli tells -. We are waiting for more precise news tomorrow, but the negotiation will certainly be interrupted. We have lost three months to find someone. If you miss everything? I am afraid so.”

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